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10 Profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria you should know

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Discover profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria.

In this article, I will share with you ways and areas to invest your money with your peace of mind quite intact.

Investing is a risky business, just like every other business out there. So it is important to do further digging into the investment opportunities you’re interested in, know the risks and plan how to manage them properly. 

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With that said, below are some of the promising investment opportunities in Nigeria worth looking into:

Real Estate 

Real estate has been one of the most reliable investments one can make in a developing country like Nigeria. As Nigeria’s population is increasing exponentially, so is the need for accommodation and other essentialities.

To invest in real estate in Nigeria, you will have to consider locations. Because the profit you will make from a piece of land in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt is different and quite higher than the one you will make in places like Abia, Enugu, Sokoto, etc.

If you are looking to quickly cash out then your best bet will be cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt. But if you are looking at the long run, cities like Ogun, Enugu, Onitsha, Delta, etc. are a good place to look at. 

Before you dive right in, make sure to properly research the environment and contact your lawyer.

FGN Saving Bonds

The Federal Government of Nigeria offers a juicy, safe, and reliable investment opportunity called Savings Bonds. It is an investment program where Nigerian investors lend money to the Federal Government and make returns from the money. You can invest 5000 thousand to 50,000 thousand Naira while you invest from two years, and can be done for up to 20 years.

The interest rate is up to 13% which is a substantial rate that is much better than bank investments and also, it is tax-free and can be used as collaterals for getting loans from a bank.


The massive population of Nigeria, coupled with the Federal Government’s interests in agriculture, has made agriculture a massive investment area that is producing millionaires. This is amongst the best investments in Nigeria.

The Nigerian government with its bid to diversify the economy through agriculture has provided incentives to help mechanize and modernize the agricultural industry. Some of the incentives are subsidies on fertilizer, zero import duties on raw materials that are needed for livestock production, companies and businesses may receive pioneer company status, they may also qualify for tax incentives, and also, locally made foodstuff will be promoted for investors by putting favorable policies in place.


Investment in stocks is another profitable investment out there. The myth that you need a very large amount of capital to invest in stocks is not entirely true. You can invest in stocks with small amounts of capital and strategically invest more.

The processes involved are researching the companies, their performances in the market, their share performances, etc. this is done to ascertain if the stock has the potential to return high returns.

You can invest in mutual funds if you don’t find it comfortable investing in individual stocks. These mutual funds involve investments from several individuals which are combined into one large investment that consists of various stocks. 


The massive population of the country suggests a high potential workforce and consumer base. You won’t have to worry as a manufacturer because this is an ideal situation, not only do you have potential customers, you also have potential employees.

With the Nigerian government’s eagerness to diversify the economy, they are offering incentives to local manufacturers that can source raw materials locally.

Information Technology

Nigeria is among the fastest-growing internet users in the world. With over 76 million Nigerian internet users.

With the growth of the economy, the interest in ICT is growing exponentially, too. ICT is one investment that barely requires you to be in a particular location, this means that you can work from anywhere in the world (remote).

Decagon and Andela (a US-based software trainer) are among the companies tapping from the ICT potential in Nigeria. Decagon trains you from scratch, offer you to companies, and make profits while you worked. Andela, offer learning platforms for potential programmers where they learn for 2-years, interacts with companies around the world.

Transportation/Ride-hailing like Uber/Bolt(Taxify)

This is also a viable business to invest in. The riding business has grown greatly in the past year, with operations going on in big cities. Uber and Bolt are the two major ones on top of the echelon and are going almost head to head in the business.

This business has provided employment for people in Nigeria. If you have enough cash, you can get more than one car, employ a driver and have him deliver profits to you weekly.


Education is another lucrative investment in Nigeria. Looking at the population, a standard kindergarten, primary, and secondary school will bring in returns and this can last a lifetime if properly maintained. 

With the rate of underemployment in the country, integrating distance learning, night schools, tutoring centers, etc. there is a potential for a high-profit return.

Oil and gas

Nigeria depends on the oil and gas sector. Local investors can take advantage of the lucrative nature of the oil and gas sector by investing in it as Nigeria is among the largest oil producers in the world.

Below are some of the areas investors can invest in, in the oil and gas sector:

  • Well Services
  • Petroleum transportation
  • Exploration and Exploitation
  • Construction and Installation
  • Pipe-lining
  • Domestic Production and marketing of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Products Marketing
  • Refining
  • Manufacturing of LPG cylinders, valves, and regulators, installation of filling plants, retail distribution, and development of simple, flexible, and much less expensive gas burner to encourage the use of gas instead of wood and other fuels

Treasury Bills

Treasury Bills are a great investment option with zero risks. Treasury bills are short-dated instruments issued through the Central Bank of Nigeria to control the supply of money and also provide short-term funding for the government.    

The Central Bank of Nigeria auctions Treasury Bills bi-weekly in tenors of 91 days, 182 days, and 364 days. The money market comprises of the banks and other financial institutions that deal in short term instruments.

To invest, simply walk into your bank and fill up the forms. You can also contact your stockbroker for detailed means of investing. 

In conclusion, every investment comes with a major of risks, no matter how small the risks may be. So, it is important you research properly before investing your money in any business or any financial institution.

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