How to make money with affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria in 2021

Affiliate marketing is the type of online business where you make money by promoting (marketing) companies or someone else’ products and services. It is easy to start and has very low risks and low entry barriers as well!

How affiliate marketing works

The way affiliate marketing works is that you get to promote companies products and services, and for every purchase made through your efforts, you earn a commission. The commission you earn is usually a percentage of the price of the product purchased or service paid for.

It is that easy. But here are more details for you…

How will you make money with affiliate marketing?

To make money with affiliate marketing you need an online presence, maybe a blog or website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and marketing skills and techniques that will help you sell.

Let’s assume you have a blog where you post smartphones reviews. You can refer your visitors to online stores where they can buy smartphones and you earn a commission per purchase the customer makes. If 5% is the commission and someone follows your affiliate link to buy a smartphone worth N100,000, then you will earn N5,000 as your commission for that single purchase completed.

However, one challenge is that some of the best affiliate marketing programs available on the internet don’t allow Nigerians to participate in their programs.

Another challenge Nigerians face is when it comes to online transactions, including simple things like withdrawing the money they have made from such programs because some of the best payment systems/processors don’t allow Nigerians to receive payments. For example, with PayPal Nigeria, you can only send but can’t receive money!

But despite these challenges, some Nigerians still know how to go about it, legitimately. But if you don’t know the walkarounds for these barriers, there is still a handful of good affiliate marketing programs you can still have access to from Nigeria (without unnecessary restrictions) and easily receive your commissions.

How to start affiliate marketing

To get started with affiliate marketing business, there are important things to keep in mind:

Chose a niche

Choosing a niche simply means choosing a line of products or services you will like to market. Assuming you are mobile phones and gadgets “freak” then narrowing down your interest to something like smartphones could be a great idea for starting affiliate marketing.

But it can be anything. Your passion could be fashion, fitness, health, etc. Just pick something you like and have knowledge of.

And the good news is that there are affiliate programs for almost all kinds of products and services, including digital products. The important thing here is you choosing something you like and can passionately promote online.

Tip: choose a brand or product that already sells in the market. It is easier to market a product or brand that has already made its way into the market than marketing something people don’t know. Start with something that already sells.

Learn affiliate marketing

Some people assume that one can just start making money with something like blogging, affiliate marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), etc. without needing to spend some time learning it. Don’t be one of those people who make that mistake.

Unless you have the proper knowledge of affiliate marketing, don’t just dive into it. Spend some time to learn the business first. You can learn from different online resources, YouTube, etc. Learning may also involve you spending money.

The fastest way is to learn from experts in affiliate marketing.

Start a blog

Now that you have decided what niche is best for you (and the type of products and services you will be promoting), and you have learned at least the basics of affiliate marketing, the next step will be to setup up blog where you can effectively promote the affiliate products.

Pro tip: See the 7 Effective Steps to Start a Professional Blog (and Make Money)

Although it is a fact that you can still do affiliate marketing without owning a blog, but it is usually easier and more effective with your own website.

Having a blog of your own will offer you the freedom and allow you the flexibility to design the blog the way you like it, post the kind of contents you want to post, build an email list, stay in touch with your readers, try different marketing strategies and make changes where necessary without anyone placing unnecessary restrictions on you.

So, first thing first – set up your affiliate marketing blog. And I can create a professional blog for you for just a small token. #winks

Sign up for affiliate marketing programs

Finally, it is time to sign up for the affiliate marketing programs of your choice. There are many affiliate marketing programs on the Internet. You can try a number of them to find out which are the best for you.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing tips

Learn affiliate marketing

Spend your time learning affiliate marketing. Read tutorials, follow affiliate marketers online, ask questions, find answers.

Know the big players in affiliate marketing that are in your niche. If you have to, invest a little bit of money to learn the skill from them.

Learn how to pick the right offer and how to drive traffic to them.

Have a marketing budget

You may need to spend some money to drive traffic to your offers, through search engines and social media.

Pick a niche you like

Pick a niche you like and stay on one niche (at least for a start). As a beginner, don’t try to combine multiple niches into one affiliate site.

Pick a niche you have knowledge of

When you are an expert in your niche you will have something to say. This will also enable you to grow the website quickly and build “authority.”

Even if you like a niche but don’t really know much about it, take your time and study the niche. You don’t have to promote a something you know nothing about.

Have your own website

Setup a blog of your own. Having a blog that is yours will definitely make things much easier for you. For example, you can embed links, add any type of content as you like and not have your website removed by anyone.

Use social media

Social media is an indispensable marketing tool. Setup your social media account on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Know the social media where most of your potential readers are and put extra effort into promoting your content there.

Do guest posting

Guest posting basically means writing posts for other websites. You can use this to drive traffic to your own blog.

Writing for other websites within your niche will help you build traffic and authority in your niche. Guest posting will also help you build backlinks, which is important will help bring people to your site and
promote your site SEO.

Have something to say? Drop a comment below. All the best!

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