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37 Best hand works to learn in Nigeria in 2021

Phone repair
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Get ideas of handwork in Nigeria that make money, from a pool of the most lucrative handwork one can easily start in Nigeria.

Lucrative handwork may be the best option for some people, especially those who appreciate the fact the having a skill is of one the greatest assets one can have.

Jobs can fail easily, a business may collapse easily but great skills hardly dies. If the skills are lucrative ones you are sure you have something that will be fetching your money steadily.

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  1. Why learn handwork?
  2. The best hand works in Nigeria
  3. How to pick the right handwork

Why learn handwork?

One of the advantages of having a skill (be it handwork or other types of skills) is that whereas many jobs can easily fail, skills hardly fail you.

Also, when you have a skill it becomes easier for you to venture into a business because you have something of value to offer. If you have nothing to offer, don’t expect money or any form of payment in return.

TIP: If you prefer to start a business, see some of the most lucrative small business ideas to start in Nigeria. Also, take a look at the Top 5 digital skills to learn to get jobs easily.

The best hand works to do in Nigeria

  1. Mobile phone Repair
  2. Shoemaking and repairs
  3. Makeup business
  4. Web development
  5. Mobile apps development
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Laptop Repair
  8. Professional Photographer
  9. Baking (snacks, making cakes)
  10. Web Design
  11. Barbing salon
  12. Digital Marketing
  13. Floor Tiling
  14. Painting
  15. Hair Dressing
  16. Tailoring
  17. Carpentry & Furniture
  18. Body massage (this is on the rise)
  19. Manicure
  20. Car mechanic
  21. Generator mechanic
  22. Video editing
  23. Welding
  24. Solar power installation, Street light, and CCTV installation
  25. Plumbing
  26. Cooking
  27. Writing professionally
  28. Painting
  29. Electronic repairs (Television, radio, etc)
  30. Iron bending and Panel beating
  31. Aluminium and Glass Works
  32. Interior Decoration
  33. Wrist Watches Repair
  34. Beads Making
  35. Fancy Brick Making
  36. Flower Gardening
  37. Other handwork ideas

Phone Repair

Learning to repair phones can take between a couple of months to learn, but in the end, it will be worth it. Phone repair as handwork is still on high demand in Nigeria and will continue to be even in the next couple of years because of the widespread of mobile phones in every nuke and cranny of Nigeria. See getting started with mobile phone repair handwork.

Shoemaking business

Do you know why people go into shoemaking and still become successful? It is because shoemaking is evergreen. Year after year, people need a different design, something custom or general.

The big part is being able to carve out a niche for yourself. Do great works that will make people recommend you to their friends and other customers.

If you want to get started with shoemaking handwork, you need to check this out: Getting started with shoemaking business

Makeup business

The reality is that there are many people, especially the female folks that are already into makeup artistry as a business.

But makeup business is not saturated yet. The demand for it is high and hence the money-making potential.

Remember that where there is competition, there is money, otherwise, what would people be competing for?

Competition in the makeup business is good. It is an indicator that there is money in the business. To get started read How to start a makeup business.

Web development

A web developer is someone who builds websites and web applications. This is a lucrative skill and the demand is good compared with most other careers in Nigeria.

Another interesting thing about this skill is that you can still make money even without a job. You can become a freelancer with web development skills, making job optional.

If you want to know more, here is my post on how to get started with web development: How to learn web development in a short period of time.

Mobile apps development

Similar to web design and development, mobile apps development is also a very good skill to learn. As there are billions of mobile devices, there is also much demand for people that have the skills to build apps that run on those devices.

See How I learnt Web and Mobile Apps Development (Self-Taught, Multiple Programming Languages)

To get started learning this great skill, I highly recommend that you read my detailed article on Getting started to learn mobile apps development (things you need to know).

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a hot digital skill that is needed almost everywhere, including small businesses, companies, organisations, etc.

Think about digital ads, wedding cards, banners, business cards, events, and programs, etc, they usually need the services of graphic designers.

We also have them in web design, mobile apps design, etc.

Graphic design is very wide and learning it in Nigeria will be I great idea because the high demand it enjoys now will still be there in years to come.

Laptop Repair

Similar to phone repair, learning to repair laptops and other types of computers is another lucrative handwork to learn in Nigeria.

And the interesting thing is that laptops are becoming very common these days, especially among the youths and the working class in Nigeria. Also, some higher institutions in Nigeria now recommend that their new students buy laptops. A laptop is a common gadget and there are lots of them that need repairs.

Professional photography

Photography is among the most popular handwork today. If you are talented with aesthetics and can present things more beautiful than they actually look, then this can be even easier for you. Apart from attending to your customers, you can also sell your stock photos online!

To get started, I suggest you read How to start a photography business without a studio

Cake Baking

The thing about anything food is they’re indispensable. We cannot do without food. The important thing about starting this kind of business is building your customer base. You can do this through friends, social media, etc.

You can even set up an online store where people can come and order cakes and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

It’s all about coming up with ideas that can boost your business.

Website Design

A web designer creates the user interface of a website. This is like the midline between graphics design and front end web development.

But you don’t need to become a guru in web design before you start making money from it. You can pick some specific areas and master it instead of trying to be a jack of all trade master of none.

Learn about frontend and fo further by learning HTML and CSS so you can chart your dream career from there.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the buzz currently. It is needed by every modern business and business person. You can learn to help businesses market their products and services on the Internet, using tools and strategies such as Social Media, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, etc. This niche is very large and the demand quite high.


Painting is currently one of Nigeria’s greatest handicrafts. It is a profitable handwork in Nigeria since the business’s products are sold to the wealthy.

The paintings are sold to homes and workplaces in order to enhance the environment. Aside from paintings and sketches, you may also get money through sculpting.

Painting is a talent that takes at least three months to acquire in Nigeria. All you need is a desire to study and a love of art. You may make a lot of money selling your artworks in Nigeria, depending on how talented you are as an artist.

Hair Dressing

One of the main reasons that hairdressing is a lucrative handwork is because of the people that the business caters to – ladies.

There’s an old adage that goes, “You can’t have something to sell to ladies and be bankrupt.” This is not implausible given that all women plait their hair. Those who do not plait will undoubtedly visit a barbershop. Therefore you can benefit one way or the other. You can definitely make money plaiting and fixing women’s hair.

Selling wigs is another way to generate money. In fact, the wig industry is a wealthy one in and of itself. The handwork required to master hairdressing in Nigeria would take on average 3 – 6 months.


This is one of the most profitable talents a guy or female can learn in Nigeria since we Africans like our traditional attire. Tailors in Ankara, Agbada, Senator, and Asoebi are in great demand. Most individuals even prefer suits produced by their tailor to ready-made ones on the market. As you can see, the opportunity is enormous.


Carpentry takes three months to master the handwork, but once you’re done, you may roof structures and create apartment ceilings to generate money.

In this carpentry handwork, all you need to do is learn from a carpenter and purchase the tools or equipment required to start a carpentry business.

After all of this, you may now start your own carpentry business with little or no support. You may make a fair amount of money on a monthly basis. Based on the type of furniture business you start in Nigeria and how well you can brand the business you can make a decent amount of money on a monthly basis.

Body Massage

As more individuals become aware of the value of massage services to human health, this industry is gradually expanding. More so, in Nigeria’s most developed cities. Simply pick the sort of massage service you want to provide, choose a great site for your business, register the business, design your massage shop, hire experienced employees, and market your business well, and you’re ready to start.


Do you enjoy painting your nails or are you more interested in toenails? Manicure may be the handwork for you in Nigeria. All you have to do in this handwork is learn how to treat nails (shape and color them) and you can make lots of money.

Car Mechanic

You may earn money as a vehicle technician by fixing automobile engines. The time it takes to learn this handwork is determined by the auto mechanic you are studying from and the car brands you are learning to repair.

Generator Mechanic

If you like repairing things, this type of employment may be ideal for you.

You can learn how to fix large diesel generators or smaller generators. In order to study generator repair in Nigeria, you must first learn from a reputable generator repairer closest to you.

Video Editing

Companies and enterprises are utilizing the social media trend of video advertising to interact with their consumers in a language they understand through videos.

Anyone with video editing abilities is a hotshot right now and, if well-positioned, might turn it into a successful venture.


You may generate money in the welding industry by building or fabricating fences, iron gates, and iron doors.

If you are able to partner with real estate developers and real estate firms in Nigeria, the welding industry may be quite profitable.

Solar Power Installation, Street Light, CCTV Installation:

The regularity of power shortages has made this is another profitable industry in Nigeria. Solar power installation is a lucrative company that may make you millions of naira if you master the trade well and understand all of its rudiments.


As a plumber in Nigeria, you may earn a lot of money by installing plumbing systems in homes and offices. You may also supplement your income by fixing plumbing issues such as leaky pipes, clogged pipes, and leaking septic tanks in these properties.


If you would like to open a restaurant in Nigeria, cooking is another option that may provide you with a daily income. With this handwork, you can learn to prepare and sell various soups and meals.

To learn this handwork, however, you will need to find a decent restaurant in your region and work with them for 1 – 3 months.

Writing Professionally

Writing is a diverse career, and freelancing can be a profitable method for a skilled writer to make money from home. Professional writers are hard to come by, but if you have excellent writing talents, now is the time to turn them into a consistent source of income.

House Painting

House painting is one of the greatest handicrafts for Nigerian men to master. You may generate money painting houses for folks in Nigeria using this handwork.

You may make money painting new houses and existing houses that require renovations by doing house painting handwork. It would take you 1 – 3 months to study home painting in Nigeria.

Electronic repairs

Consumer gadgets have become an integral part of our daily lives, with most individuals unable to function without them. Both the affluent and the poor buy and have gadgets in their houses. The consumer electronics industry entails purchasing electronic goods (or gadgets) from a manufacturer, distributor, agency, importer, or other merchant and selling them to customers for personal use.

Iron bending and panel beating

This is a booming and successful business, sometimes known as auto body work. If you want to establish an auto-service-related business, one of the profitable alternatives is for you to create an auto body repair shop.

Aluminium and Glass Works

If you live in a rural area of Nigeria, I’m sure you’ve seen aluminum windows, doors, and partitions. All of these are under the umbrella of aluminum works, and they are created by young, enthusiastic men like you.

You may study this handwork as a man or a woman in Nigeria and start generating money from it.

Interior Decoration

Do you get a lot of compliments on your sense of interior design? Do you enjoy designing homes, decorating rooms, and arranging furniture? If you answered yes to these questions, a career in interior design may be for you. It is a rapidly growing career option that will have you making money in no time.

Wrist Watches Repair

Eight out of ten Nigerians on the street are wearing a wristwatch, with the other two planning to get one soon. However, the issue you should ask is where the bulk of Nigerians go to get their wristwatches repaired when they become damaged. Who fixes them, and how much does it cost? This is an extremely profitable venture from which you will undoubtedly gain.

Making Beads

If you are a stay-at-home mother searching for a home business idea in Nigeria, bead-making may be the ideal enterprise for you.

You may generate money by creating and selling beads, necklaces, and earrings to ladies. To learn this handwork, you should spend a month with a skilled bead maker.

Fancy Brick Making

This entails creating ornamental bricks for use in building. Several real estate developers choose beautiful bricks to distinguish out from the crowd. Starting off on this professional path will require you to spend some time learning before venturing out on your own. It is a very profitable path that you should really examine.

Flower Gardening

One of the coolest businesses you can start in Nigeria now and make good money all year is flower gardening. Flower gardening, according to industry experts, is a profitable company in Nigeria that requires little to no initial capital. However, in order to earn a profit, you must be passionate about your business.

Other lucrative hand works in Nigeria

Other lucrative handwork business ideas I mentioned above include, 

  • Hair barber,
  • House Painting, 
  • Hair Dressing, 
  • Makeup, 
  • Interior Decoration
  • Wrist Watches Repair

How to pick the right handwork

When picking handwork to learn, always remember that the best handwork is one that you can use to solve problems for people.

As Pat Flynn puts it:

“The job of a successful business is simple: it helps its customer solve a problem. Your customer has a need—their problem—and with your business, you’re offering them the solution.”


Or consider starting an online business. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to make money online even as a beginner. Better still, there are many businesses to start with little capital. If you’re a lady, take a look at these lucrative handworks for ladies in Nigeria.


So far I have listed some of the best hand works to learn in Nigeria currently. Of course, those cannot possibly cover all the lucrative skills one may decide to learn, but the idea is to list some of those hand works with great potentials while you can always come up with your own ideas that might work for you.

“Think and grow rich.”

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