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Top 10 best handworks for a lady to learn in Nigeria in 2021

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Handworks are usually lucrative and more reliable than most jobs or buying-and-selling businesses. Jobs and such businesses are more prone to fail, but handworks hardly fail once you have learned them. Also, handworks are skills that will be imbued in the individual forever.

Learning a lucrative handworks means taking a big step into your way to financial stability, especially in Nigeria.

Lucrative handworks for women/ladies in Nigeria

Cooking business

These days, many people see cooking as a chore and a burden, so many others just do not have the time to cook so they mostly rely on cooking services.

People order food such as soup and stew in liters so they can put them in a refrigerator and attend to them when they so need.

This is a very good business to start as a lady. You can always comb through the web for cuisines and new recipes, but most importantly is to know what your customers want.

You do not need to have a restaurant to start. You can advertise your business effectively online by taking nice pictures of your appealing meals. Customers will then pre-order and you will deliver.

This is a great way to make money. Some people are already making a living off it.

Fashion Design

The fashion design industry is amongst the top industries with the highest rate of demand.

You do not need to go to some higher institution to become a successful fashion designer.

To become a fashion designer, you need to know how to combine drawing, sewing, and design; and also learn what works in the industry.

These skills can be learned within a couple of months – with the right attitude of perseverance, consistency, patience, and hard work. Creating a strong fashion portfolio, enhancing your knowledge of business and finance are also among the things you will need.

Pastry making

Pastry making is very lucrative handwork to learn.

Pastry making involves making baked items such as cakes, pies, and several others.

Everybody eats one pastry or the other so your customer base is everyone. If you are so good at making pastries, your chances of becoming successful in the business are high.

This is handwork which you could have and still have a job. You can just bake at home and supply without having to even open a shop.

You can even get contracts to bake for occasions like weddings, birthdays, etc.

There are many options here. You can learn new products such as chicken pie, small chops, and burgers.

To get started, you can learn how to make pastries by enrolling in academies, or just getting a very good local pastry maker or baker to teach you for some time. There are online courses out there to help you as well.

Event planning/management

An event planner is one who organizes events for others for a fee. This is very lucrative also as you could be earning a lot if you know your onions.

Once again, this is a lucrative skill you do not need a degree to go into it.

Why would someone hire you to plan events for them?

Not everyone understands the complexity of events. Event planners already know this, they have learned a lot about event planning and have had several experiences and have encountered many flaws. It is only wise that the client hires them to make your events smooth

Hiring an event planner saves a lot of time and work too! The client won’t need to worry about anything as planners will coordinate and organize the event.

Also, hiring an event planner will save the client a lot of money. Event planners already know the prices of items and they can get them at affordable rates.

You can learn events planning from schools and get certified. There are a lot of schools both online and offline to learn.

There are two types of event management schools in Nigeria.

  • Certified Special event professional (CSEP)
  • Certified Wedding and Event Planner (CWEP)

To start event planning, you need to first learn and get certified under a company.

Hairdressing and makeup

Hairdressing remains one of the top lucrative handworks in Nigeria for ladies.

Every lady wants to look good so they patronize hairdressers as often as they can.

You can learn hairdressing by enrolling with an experienced hairdresser or a professional hairstyling school. With consistency, perseverance, and patience, you will master it over time.

You can learn makeup on the side too if you are planning on establishing your own. This will make you more customers and more customers mean more money.

Interior Decoration

Interior decoration is yet another lucrative handwork for ladies. If you naturally creative and good at decorating (it seems more women than men tend to be good at this?) then interior decoration will be a wonderful choice.

Interior decoration can fetch you a lot of money if you learn it thoroughly and probably go pro.

You can enrol in any interior design company and be certified.

This is an awesome way to make your own money, too.

Freelance writing

As a freelance writer, you get paid for writing for people. You don’t have to know every type of writing – you can specialize in certain types

Some claim writing comes as a talent, others strongly believe it can be learned; I agree that you can learn how to write. Interestingly, there are online courses and the right resources to help you become a professional writer.

Freelance writing is one of the best work-from-home business. You can write for websites, blogs, and freelance websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is another lucrative skill that will make you money. You don’t need a certificate in some business course to start earning. You just need a laptop or phone and an internet connection to get started.

There are different areas of digital marketing you can pick from. Usually, the goal is to help businesses and companies market their products/services using digital channels such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

To learn digital marketing, do well to utilize the resources online. Pick what interests you the most and dive deeper into it.

Graphic design

Graphic design is in demand out there. Almost every industry, business and organization require the services of a graphic designer. Oftentimes individuals need their services too.

Some of the services of a graphic designer include designing wedding cards, ID cards, banners, website UI design, business cards, and so on.

To learn graphic designs, you need to invest some time, put in dedication, consistency, and patience. You also need a laptop. You can teach yourself by taking online courses or get trained by a professional.

Jewellery making

You can start a lucrative business from jewellery making. Bead making is popular in Nigeria because Nigerians (male and female) like to wear beads!

You can learn how to make jewellery online by following video tutorials, or offline if you have someone to teach you.

You don’t need to have a shop or an office to start. You can be making them at home while marketing/selling online.

More lucrative handwork for both ladies and guys

There are also other lucrative handworks for ladies to learn such as video editing, photography, programming (it seems ladies are not so interested in programming but it pays hugely), etc.

I encourage you to take a look at other lucrative hand works to learn in Nigeria whether you’re a guy or a lady: most lucrative skills to learn.

And I hope you consider learning one of the above and start making money for yourself.

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