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Best PHP Framework to Learn in 2022

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PHP is currently one of the most widely used programming languages for backend web development. As is the case with most jobs, developers often use frameworks on the project instead of writing raw (vanilla) PHP.

Therefore, if you’re going to use PHP to build a non-trivial application or if you plan to get a job as a backend developer in PHP, it is very important you learn a PHP framework.

Popular PHP frameworks

There are a number of frameworks built on top of the PHP programming language. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Best Laravel Framework to Learn

This advice is for someone who wants to learn a PHP framework but doesn’t know which to learn. The idea is to help you make a choice so you’re not stuck at choosing.

With that said, I think Laravel is the best PHP framework to learn now. Some of the reasons to learn Laravel are:

  1. It is very popular among developers
  2. Laravel is widely used for building robust backend web applications
  3. There are relatively more Laravel jobs compared to most other PHP frameworks

Of course, you can learn more than one framework but in most cases knowing one or two and being very good at it is better than being a Jack of all trades and master of none.

How to Learn Laravel

Personally, I think the fastest way to learn is through Laravel video courses, which you can get on Udemy or similar websites, especially for beginner backend developers, or the official Laravel documentation if you’re an experienced developer.

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You can also check the ZestMade channel on YouTube for some topics on Laravel.

Happy coding.

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