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10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2021 (For Job & Future)

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The world has gone digital and is still going digital. The world is rapidly advancing technologically with automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. Technological advents are witnessed in our daily activities and at the heart of these technologies are programming languages.

Choosing a programming language(s) to learn will impact your career and determine the type of jobs you will land in the future. This is why I will walk you through the best programming languages to learn based on your field of interest and where you might want to work in the future.

Below are the top 10 best programming languages to learn in 2020:


Python is the fastest-growing high-level, general-purpose programming language due to its simple, fast, and wonderful readable features. It is chiefly used to develop scalable web apps, graphic user interface based applications, software development application, scientific/numeric apps, network programming, games, 3D applications and other applications used in the business world.

Python has an incredible and wide developers’ community support. It is opensource which means that developers can collaborate and learn as they work.

Examples of very popular and well-used apps built with Python are; YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and SurveyMonkey.

If you are looking to go into data science, statistics, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, I will strongly recommend you learn Python as it is the most preferred in those fields.


Javascript is one programming language that is used to build both web and mobile apps. Interestinly, the language can also be used to develop desktop apps (although rarely used for desktop apps currently).

With HTML and CSS, Javascript is the language that built the internet. Javascript is known universally as the language of web developers. Javascript is an object-based scripting language with very rich features and is used widely in the field of web development. Javascript runs on more than 90% of all websites on the internet.

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube all use Javascript to design interactive web pages and dynamically display content to users.

If web development is the field you want to go into, Javascript is the language for you alongside HTML which is a markup language and CSS.


Java is one of the oldest programming languages still in use and vogue today.

Java is used to develop enterprise software, mobile apps, web apps, fintech, etc. Think about most of your favourite games, it is highly likely that Java has a huge role in it. One of the most important factors that kept Java still very relevant today is its independence from platforms. This means that you can write it once, and run it on any Java-enabled system (known as “write once, run anywhere”).

Java is the most preferred by developers for mobile development (android app development). If you want to go into mobile app development (especially android development), I strongly recommend Java.


Swift was developed by Apple in 2014, it is a general-purpose, open-source language that was built using modern approaches design patterns, safety, and performance.

It was developed as a better alternative for Objective-C to write apps for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS.

Swift is beginner-friendly and fun to use as it was deeply influenced by Python and Ruby.

Examples of popular iOS apps using Swift are Mozilla Firefox, WordPress, SoundCloud, etc.

This is strongly recommended for iOS app development.

GoLang (Go)

GoLang was developed by the popular tech giant, Google, it is among the newest programming languages. It is an open-source language that is easy for creating simple, secure, and productive software.

GoLang has high-efficiency handling like Java and provides high performance like C/C++.

Some of the popular projects developed using GoLang are Kubernetes, Docker, Hugo, Hyperledger Blockchain, and Ethereum.

Dropbox, Apple, Twitter, and Jabong are some of the companies that use Go.


C++ is the gateway for some of the most powerful programming languages like C#, Java, and Javascript. It is a simple, and very powerful programming language that provides a structured approach.

C++ is a high-performance language and it was used in writing operating systems, filing systems, and the rest. C++ can be found in a wide range of applications like Adobe Photoshop, Google Chromium, MapReduce, Mozilla Firefox, MySQL database.


Developed by Microsoft, C# is a general-purpose programming language. It is chiefly used for backend development for building games, enterprise software and mobile phone apps.

It is one of the most powerful programming languages in the dot NET (.NET) framework. It can be thought of as being a blend of C++ and Java.

C# is mostly used with Microsoft’s .NET framework to design web forms, windows applications, etc

Highly recommended language for building 3D and 2D video games.


Kotlin is a fast-rising language endorsed by Google. It is a cross-platform language that is meant to interoperate completely with Java and run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Due to its smooth compatibility with Android Studio, its better code readability, and developer experience, Kotlin is one of the most-loved programming languages according to a Stack Overflow survey.

Companies that have publicly declared the usage of Kotlin include Square, Pinterest, and Basecamp.

Kotlin is highly recommended if you’re interested in Android development.


Ruby was developed in Japan in the mid-1990s. It is one of the most popular languages. It is a dynamic language to simplify programming tasks and making it more fun.

Ruby is highly sought after due to its high flexibility as it is an all-purpose programming language.

Many apps have been built using Ruby including Airbnb, CrunchBase, Twitch, Shopify, GitHub, and Twitter.


PHP is one of the most popular web backend programming languages. Even though it is facing stiff competition from Python, JavaScript and other backend solutions, PHP is still standing tall and still sought after as 75% of websites with a known server-side programming language use PHP.

WordPress, Drupal, MediaWiki, and Joomla use PHP.

Start your programming journey today and do well to pick any language that suits your interest and start learning.

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