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Top 10 websites to learn coding (programming) online

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Programming is one of the hottest skills to learn right now with over 1.3 million jobs available in the job market, this is surely a skill you will love to explore.

As the world is going digital every single second, programming is one of the skills you should consider.

Idea: Take a look at the best programming languages to learn for a better career and the future.

Why should you learn to program?

  1. Better job opportunities and higher income.
  2. Time flexibility and more freedom
  3. You can easily be self-employed

Below are the top ten websites to learn programming free or almost free.


freeCodeCamp is one of the best platforms to learn to code. It has varieties of programming languages which include HMTL, CSS, Javascript, Java, Ruby, PHP, Go, etc.

On freeCodeCamp, you have your code run simultaneously while you code. A very good feature that helps you debug on the go.

freeCodeCamp is absolutely free which means you need just your laptop and data. freeCodeCamp has amazing dev communities that are very helpful where beginners can sort for help and be guided.

Visit the official freeCodeCamp website at freecodecamp.org


Codecademy is also a great place to learn programming as a beginner. It is free for but after a while, you might be required to switch to pro but there are also a lot of resources at your disposal for free.

Codecademy has a great community where you can learn and be guided also, one of the communities is on Facebook.

Visit Codecademy website at codecademy.com


W3schools is great for web development and it is absolutely free. The programming languages available are HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, Python, PHP, Java, jQuery, etc.

One of the advantages of using w3schools for learning programming is that you can code using your phone. You can easily run on your phone and make alterations as you would want.

Start learning today at w3schools.com


BitDegree is also a platform where you can learn the basics of programming for free then pay if you want to advance. It offers you the basics of computer science and allows helps you to pick which field of programming you may want to explore.

BitDegree also incorporates blockchain into the education process which is a unique practice. There are rewards and an achievement system that helps businesses recruit tech talent, and measure course success.

Visit bitdegree.org


Udemy is amongst the cheapest paid platform to learn programming, if not the cheapest. On Udemy, you can learn every programming language of your choice and you can pick any path you want to embark on; data science, mobile app dev, web dev, game dev, etc.

There are so many $10 programming courses on Udemy that can take you from the beginners’ level to advanced. They are project-based and a very great option to start your programming journey.

Take coding courses at udemy.com


Coursera is another great platform to learn to program for free. There are lots of courses on Coursera to learn for free.

The cool thing about Coursera is that courses are taught by real university professors from prestigious universities like Stanford, Yale, etc. Coursera is project-based.

You can decide to obtain a verified certificate to prove completion at the end of each course for a fee.

You can visit Coursera at coursera.org

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has huge resources to learn online for free. You can learn just about any programming language and others on Khan Academy and at your own pace.

Khan Academy is a perfect place to start learning the basics. While you learn to code, you are given points and badges while completing missions and lessons. Also, if you are one who finds gaming and learning interesting (gamified learning), Khan Academy is a great choice.

You do not need to sign up to have access to courses on Khan Academy. Just search for their website online and start learning!

Khan Academy website: khanacademy.org


edX is an American Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) made available by Harvard and MIT. It houses over 33 million users worldwide.

edX offers high-quality content and outstanding programming lectures.

edX has massive free online courses for learning programming as well as paid content if you want a verified certificate of completion.

Start learning at edx.org


Udacity has plenty of free programming courses for beginners. These courses are quite good for beginners and can help you start your programming journey.

However, verified certifications are issued to paid users only.

You can access quality courses from the Udacity website via udacity.com


Pluralsight is a great platform to up your skills after you must grasp the basics. It has a unique pay plan where you pay a certain amount and then you are allowed access to a plethora of courses of your choice.

It also has a few free courses for your exploration.

Visit Pluralsight at pluralsight.com

Mobile apps you can use to learn to code

If you do not have a laptop and you really want to learn at least the basics of programming, here is a list of mobile applications you can explore to start learning to program on your android/iOS app for free.

  1. SoloLearn
  2. Encode
  3. Codemurai
  4. Mimo
  5. Grasshopper
  6. Programming Hero
  7. Tynker
  8. Programming hug
  9. Enki
  10. Easy coder

All you have to do is download any of these apps from the Play Store or iOS store, sign up, and start learning. They are a great place to start, too. SoloLearn covers data science, machine learning, data structure, mobile dev, etc.

Do well to kick start your coding journey today.

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