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5 Tips to Start Making Money from Blogging (as a Beginner)

You can make a steady income from blogging. It is, however, a question of how big or small the amount you make. I know this from experience, some of which I want to share with you in this post.

Before I share those tips with you, let me quickly point out one thing. Blogging is oftentimes made to sound easier than it actually is. You’ve probably read those articles or watched videos that promise to teach you how to start a blog and make plenty of money? Perhaps you also gave it a try and it didn’t work for you. Sorry, you are not alone.

Please and please, building a successful blog is not so easy. It requires the right amount of efforts and knowing how to build a blog that makes money.

Things that work…

If you are getting started with blogging, take the advice below seriously.

1. Yes, you can make money from blogging

Yes, it works! Blogging works. It can make you money while you are sleeping. You can catch out every month. It has worked for me to some extent and great for many successful bloggers out there.

Do I make money from blogging? Yes

I started and closed a couple of blogs because they were not successful. Currently, I have 2 blogs: this one and (changed to EduNgr was successful in terms of generating some revenue; Nothing big but at least enough for me to have the gots to write this post.

How I make money from blogging

  • I drive traffic to and sell my premium products (apps and PDF materials). This is my major target for making money as a blogger
  • I earn through Google AdSense. Shown below is my AdSense earnings for a previous month:
AdSense earnings
AdSense earnings

NB: My earnings from EduNgr vary significantly as my traffic due to my blog niche.

Pro tip: there are different ways to monetize your blog. Google AdSense is just one of them.

2. Consistency is key

Being consistent is one of the most important things when building your blog from nothing to success. You need to consistently work on it, put in the efforts.

Please note that being consistent does not mean you should spend all day blogging. It means having it in your plan and consistently executing that plan. For example, you can dedicate 2 to 3 hours every day for your blog.

Pro tip: consistency may not be an easy thing especially if it seems you’re not getting the results yet, but it will help you build an audience for your blog. If you are inconsistent, building followers for your blog gets more difficult.

3. Be Patient

Don’t quit too early. Unfortunately, most people who started their blogging journey did quit too early. But the reality is that it takes time to build a successful blog, especially if you are just getting started.

Pro tip: this does not mean that your blog will automatically be successful and start making money once you are patient. It is probably going to fail or succeed, but at least be patient enough to know.

4. Quality is better than quantity

Please do not be tempted to churn out plenty of blog posts that are of no good quality. Always take your time to create quality content. Having many posts in your blog is counterproductive if they are not quality content.

Pro tip: quality content is one that is very useful to your audience.

5. Be flexible

I mean, experiment to find what works best for you. This does not mean you should write on every niche/topic possible, but feel free to try different types of articles/posts within your wider niche.

Pro tip: Don’t be too strict with the niche thing until you carve out a niche for yourself.

Bonus: promote, promote, promote!

Always promote your blog posts. Write something catchy about the post you want to share and include the link so people can click and visit your blog/post.

Pro tip: creating and publishing a blog post is like 40% of the work; promoting it should be 60% of the work. Always promote your blog/content.

Wishing you plenty of money! Please share this post…

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