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Build Brand Confidence and Awareness With Self-Promotion

Nigerian blogger Queen, Linda Ikeji has a quote that “success is sexy” which stuck ever since I heard it as an undergraduate. I only recently realized it when I started taking personal branding seriously that there is something else that is sexy and that thing is confidence.

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As regards your personal brand, wearing confidence like a crown will help you in ways you cannot imagine. A lot of people tend to look at confidence like pride and self-promotion like you are bragging and all that, but that is actually not what it is about.

What do I mean by self-promotion?

By self-promotion, I basically mean promoting yourself in line with what you do. That is, getting your name out there in line with your business – products or services.

In this article, I am going to share with you how you can build brand confidence with self-promotion.

Know your brand

This depends on the kind of business you are running. If you are maybe selling healthy drinks like Tigernut drinks because you feel it is healthier, you should know your brand and know it deeply. You can’t effectively sell what you don’t know inside out.

For instance, Adanna Ohakim on Instagram makes and sells her homemade Tigernut drink and before she started selling that, she had to establish herself as a fitness and health enthusiast. She did not study anything related to it, but it was something she loved and decided to make a career out of it. She showed how she gets up in the morning to do her morning run, the extra effort she takes while trying to eat healthily and her journey encouraged other people especially married women who are tied up with work make out time to exercise in the morning. With that knowledge of the subject matter which is health, she launched her homemade Tigernut milk which is perhaps among the bestsellers because she has created her brand already and she knows her onions as regards the business.

Be your own brand ambassador

For example, you cannot be talking about the health implications of smoking but you are at the same time a chain smoker. You can do better by living by example, whether it is on social media or outside as you have no idea who is watching and one mistake can ruin your entire brand.

Share useful tips with your followers

By knowing your brand matter and being your brand ambassador, you will attract people who genuinely love you and your brand.

To keep them, share helpful tips and infuse your brand identity mildly. You can tell your followers to start a one-week healthy eating journey and give you updates about it. To even motivate them, you can do it with them and maybe at the end of the day, if you have a healthy or organic product you sell, you can just rub it in how you had this product for dinner and how this product has been helping you.

Guard your brand identity smartly

Do not use your brand identity to comment on any post on social media that does not align with your brand goals

For example, you have to intentionally avoid controversial topics especially the topics that you know does not align with your brand.

Common controversial topics include religion and politics. But there are others and controversy can emerge from anywhere.

If there is a controversial issue, I would not advise you to comment with your brand identity, it might ruin it and people never forget. Oh, the internet never forgets too. They will dig up your post from your past life even though you deleted it almost immediately.

Follow pages that are related to your brand and offer helpful comments. You should also use the time you plan to use to jump into issues on social media that does not really concern you to reply to your DMs if you can. It makes you have a kind of relationship with your followers.

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With these few tips, I hope that you take self-promotion seriously and make it one of your success factors in your business.

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