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My Frustrations With Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

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You watch on YouTube or read articles about how so lucrative affiliate marketing is, and hear about bloggers and affiliate marketers making it big. While that is true for some people, have you noticed that those people are not in Nigeria? They’re probably in the US, Canada, or other countries where the top affiliate programs are more readily accessible.

If you as a Nigerian have tried online hustles, you’ll know that being in Nigeria alone automatically means a lot of hurdles for you. I have been there myself.

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Nigerians are faced with challenges outside their control. I will mention a few but those are already enough to make things very tough for many Nigerians.

Here are my biggest frustrations with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

The best affiliate programs are not accessible to Nigerians

It is true that one of the best ways to make money online is through affiliate programs (affiliate marketing). Compared to other income channels such as Google AdSense, I would say that affiliate programs have higher potentials to generate income.

But, one of the challenges we face is that either Nigeria is not on the list of supported countries for the program or you simply can’t meet their requirements if you reside in Nigeria.

The reason why these top affiliate programs do not allow Nigeria is still a myth to me. One such top affiliate program is ClickBank. During sign up, you can select Nigerian from the countries list. But when you click to proceed you get a message that Nigeria is not allowed:

ClickBank affiliate sign up page -  country not allowed
ClickBank affiliate sign up page – country not allowed

You can’t withdraw your earnings

Another challenge you likely face as a Nigerian is in earnings withdrawal options. Many affiliate programs support only PayPal and similar options which are not available for receiving money in Nigeria. Recall that with PayPal Nigeria you can only send but can’t receive payment. That is unfortunate!

Now, if the best affiliate programs in the world use payout options not accessible in Nigeria it is almost game over already for the genuine, determined Nigerians who wish to take their hustle in that direction.

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So guys, are you facing similar challenges? How can one go about solving these problems? Let’s know in the comment section.

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