Google's guide for businesses

COVID-19 Now & Beyond – Google’s guide to help businesses adapt their digital marketing strategies

I want to share with you an insightful guide (from Google) for businesses, which will help you understand how the coronavirus pandemic has affected and will in the future affect businesses and most importantly, how to restrategize for what lies ahead.

I was greeted with this material from my Google AdSense dashboard and felt like you guys will also find it useful. If you are a business or an entrepreneur, I think you will find this quite insightful.

Navigating the Road Ahead – Google’s Guide for Businesses


01 Consumer insights to drive your approach

  • What we’ve seen in Search patterns
  • How consumer behaviours have shifted
  • Find insights to guide your marketing strategy

02 Assess the impact on your business
03 Take action now

  • Your business is experiencing new challenges
  • Your business is reassessing priorities
  • Your business is pivoting to adapt products and services
  • Your business is investing to meet increased demand

Free download the material

Navigating the Road Ahead(PDF) – A guide to help businesses adapt their digital marketing strategies and prepare for what’s next

A refresher

The coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses – big and small, and the world economy. This is something you know, I guess…

But then what is the way out?

How can you adapt your digital marketing strategies in the changing economy to navigate your business out of the troubled water of the world economy?

The above question is what the attached document will help you figure out.

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