10 differences between a blogger and a writer

Differences between a writer and a blogger:


🤓Writer: very creative in writing. Ideas are laid out using certian sentence structures, grammar rules, figures of speech, etc.

👩‍💻Blogger: highly strategic in writing. Content structure means more!


🤓Writer: Spellings, lexical semantics, proper phrases are important to him.

👩‍💻Blogger: Keywords usage, sub-heading, link text, etc. are important to to her.


🤓Writer: highly creative with directing content flow

👩‍💻Blogger: gets creative with directing user flow in the content


🤓Writer: they easily become bloggers by learning blogging techniques

👩‍💻Blogger: they usually don’t become writers. I don’t know why


🤓Writer: makes more money than a blogger at the early stages

👩‍💻Blogger: makes little or no money at all at the early stages


🤓Writer: reads books, a freaking lot!

👩‍💻Blogger: reads articles, latest news and trends…


🤓Writer: takes so much pride in writing that you begin to wonder if writing is rocket science

👩‍💻Blogger: thinks she is a writer. She doesn’t see writing as a special, specific skill


🤓Writer: Grammarly, Evernote, Google Docs, etc are his primary tools

👩‍💻Blogger: WordPress, Google Keywords Planner, Analytics, and SEO tools are her primary tools


🤓Writer: takes writing courses

👩‍💻Blogger: takes SEO courses


🤓Writer: is slow to change and career minded

👩‍💻Blogger: is more adventurous  and entrepreneurship minded

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