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Top 5 digital skills to learn to get jobs easily

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With every company or most companies going digital in the past decade, it is also imperative for workers/employees to acquire digital skills to help them stand out and be gainfully employed (or remain employed).

Whether you are currently unemployed or employed, I will help you explore top digital skills that are lucrative to help you stand out, and get jobs easily. Below are the top 5 digital skills to learn:

Web and mobile app development (coding)

Before now, coding was mostly needed for working at purely tech firms such as software development firms. Now, code is completely immersed in almost all businesses.

The internet has become a massive tool used by every business in reaching its audience or market. The internet has also exponentially lowered the bar for entering into a business. This is because many new businesses use the internet as their point of engagement as well as their point of sale. Literally their shop.

Most sectors offer niche opportunities where apps and other programs can make jobs easier and a process more efficient. This resulted in a huge in-demand of coders to help bring products to the market or make the production process work much better.

The core and most popular programming languages required for web and mobile apps include HTML, CSS, Javascript, Javascript frameworks and libraries (React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, Node.js, etc), Java, Python, Django, PHP, MySQL, etc. These skills are listed regularly on LinkedIn as being the top 10 most in-demand skills by employers.

Having a portfolio where you exhibit executed projects and showcasing your coding skills can help buttress your knowledge and can help you immensely land your desired job.

Social media marketing

Research has it that over 2.7 billion people use social media actively worldwide. The use of social media to effectively connect with audiences, increase sales, drive website traffic, and generally build brands is what we call social media marketing.

The major social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok.

The essential skills to mould you into a professional social media marketer include:

  • Strategy: Before publishing something on social media, you have to first think about a strategy. These strategies include your goals, type of content, which social media to focus on, etc
  • Planning and publishing: the first plan is to be consistently present on social. Being present gives the brand the opportunity to be discovered by potential customers. Publishing on social media has to do with sharing on social media, from sharing a blog post, an image, or a video. Publishing great content helps maximize your reach on social media.
  • Listening and engagements: as your audience is growing on social media, so is the conversation about your brand. Potential customers will comment, tag, or even message you directly. Since people can talk about your brand on social media without letting you know, you have to monitor your conversations about your brand and delight them if it is positive or offer support and correction where it is otherwise.
  • Advertising: knowing how to use social media ad tools will help grow a brand. This will help a brand reach a wider audience. You can learn to use Facebook ads, twitter ads, Pinterest ads, etc.

Data science and analytics

Companies understand the importance of data. Raw data carry a lot of information that when analyzed properly can uncover unnoticed patterns of consumer behaviours. These behaviours can be leveraged to make businesses more efficient, target the right customers, and provide them with much better services.

Data scientists are required to clean, analyze, visualize, and convert these raw data into useful information for the decision-making process of any firm.

To become a data scientist, you will have to look at tools like MS Excel, Python programming, R programming, SQL, Power BI desktop, etc. These tools are powerful and are used for data analysis.

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) design

UX and UI design work closely together. UI focuses on the interface (layout and look) and how a user interacts with it. UX focuses on how a product works and how users interact with it.

UI tools help designers with the necessary tools to design accurate wireframes, mockups, and prototypes while UX tools help designers structure the information architecture, as well as consumers, will interact and flow with the experience.

Since companies try to boost sales and increase their business growth, they try to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and UI/UX is crucial in the general growth of the firm.

The popular UI/UX tools are:

  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • InVision Studio
  • Axure
  • Proto.io
  • Adobe XD
  • Marvel
  • Webflow etc

Digital Project Management

Digital project management is a process of managing projects online from start to finish, within budget, and using a certain amount of resources. It involves the usage of project management software for planning, delegating, tracking, reviewing, and measuring results.

Having an in-depth knowledge of various digital management methods like AGILE, SCRUM, Waterfall, PRINCE2, and Extreme Programming(EP) will help you stand out and be employable.

Some of the best project management software and tools include:

  1. Microsoft project
  2. Scoro
  3. ProofHub
  4. Basecamp
  5. Asana
  6. Podio
  7. Workzone
  8. JIRA
  9. Notion
  10. Trello
  11. Redmine

There are other digital skills you can also explore; these include email marketing, product management, search engine marketing, and video editing.

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Pick up any of the above skills, learn, and become employable and start earning.

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