10 Fiverr Secrets I used and they are making me money!

Discover the top Fiverr secrets and tricks that are very easy and really work! There is a lot of information out there already trying to teach people how to earn on Fiverr as a beginner, but the problems are that most of those Fiverr tutorials are rather unnecessarily complicated and most times don’t work! And the worst part is that they teach you tricks that will get your Fiverr account banned!

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But, what is Fiverr?

As a creative or someone looking for freelancing jobs that pay in Nigeria, chances are that you have heard of Fiverr and how people are making money on the platform.

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But if you do not know what Fiverr is about or you probably have never heard of it at all, it is a freelancing platform that connects creatives (sellers) to buyers. These sellers sell their services like content writing, voiceovers, web designing, ebook writing, graphic designing and lots more. From simple things like posting a comment to blogs to more involving services like building software, there are thousands of services you can pick from to sell on Fiverr!

Fiver secrets and tips that work

There are a lot of myths attached to how to make money on Fiverr in Nigeria. You’d probably be told not to state that you are Nigerian. This is the very common one, but I did state that I am Nigerian, and I got a job within two days of joining the platform.

In this Fiverr tutorial, I will be sharing my top Fiverr tips with you all. I hope this will answer most all your how does Fiverr work in Nigeria questions.

1. Signing up on Fiverr

A lot of people are not motivated to sign up because they have been told (and they believed) that it is difficult to land jobs on Fiverr, especially as a beginner.

But the truth is that the hardest part of Fiverr is getting started. If other Nigerians are making money on Fiverr from the comfort of their homes what makes you think you can’t?

The first step to earning on Fiverr is to go ahead and sign up at with your phone number and your real country.

Pro tip: You don’t have to lie about anything. I know a lot of Nigerians who have quit their jobs to work on Fiverr fulltime. Most of them make from $400 to $1000 every week; you read that right. That could be you, but you haven’t signed up yet!

2. Create a gig that sells

A gig is a writeup that tells your prospective clients why they should hire you. While creating a gig relating to the service you offer, make sure you list your achievements. If you are a writer and you have won awards, where is the better place to talk about it if not on your gig? 

3. Check for buyer’s request

After creating gigs relevant to the service you are offering, make sure to check for buyers requests. As a new seller, you will hardly have people send you messages via your inbox unless you have a useful review.

To get a good review means you have to get a job and to get a job on Fiverr as a fresh seller, you have to check for the buyer’s request. From my experience, the best times to check for the buyer’s request is 8 am to 10 am, 2 pm to 4 pm and 9 pm to 11 pm.

4. Send great offers

Do not have a custom offer that you send to every client. Prospective clients have specific job descriptions, and they might not be related at all.

Quick story: I sent a compelling buyer’s request to a potential client. He wanted to write an ebook on depression, and instead of just telling him in my offer that I am a good writer, I went on to tell him my own experience with depression and my writing experience. I told him that with my skill in writing and my unique story on depression, we could create a masterpiece, and he sent a message. He wanted to see a sample of what I have written. After sending a sample, he said he got better samples from other writers he reached out to, but he is giving me the job because my offer stood out. Send good offer guys.

5. Be online most of the time

Clients do not like sellers who are not online; they want people who they can easily communicate with. You might decide to go offline, and a client will order your gig. Try to imagine what will happen when you have no idea that you have an order that is reading already.

6. Deliver a quality service!

Put in your best when you get a job so a client will stay. On Fiverr, there is nothing more satisfying than a satisfied client. If a client is delighted with your work, you will get a good rating, and you might even get a tip.

7. Be affordable but not cheap

A friend of mine got a bad review because she overcharged the client. It’s not that she didn’t do a good job, but the client felt she charged so much money and he wasn’t impressed.

Master the art of negotiation. If you are not sure about something, ask the client, know your client’s budget. A client last week wanted me to do a 35000-word story for $5, I politely declined. Do not be overpriced; let your price be reasonable.

8. Reply to every message

You honestly do not want to get a low response rate review from a client on Fiverr or from Fiverr itself. My response rate is 95%, and I feel bad because I know I can do better. Respond to every message in your inbox.

9. Send only previous samples

When a prospective client tells you to send a sample of your previous work, send only a previous sample. If the client tells you that he/she will give you a topic to write on as a test, do not do that. Most of them will tell you that you are not what they are looking for after sending that sample, but they will go on to use your work. Be wise.

10. Be patient

When you join a platform and everyone around you is getting something out of it, it is only reasonable to feel bad. You have to understand that some days are slow, some weeks are slow too, but if you continue checking for buyer’s requests, you will get something good that will cover for all the time you have spent waiting. 

Guy, I just shared with you the Fiverr guide I used to have a successful journey on the platform. Also, check out how to earn a steady income with blogging. Good luck on your Fiverr journey… and please share this article. Thanks!

~ By ZestMade writer

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