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9 Best freelance jobs that require little or no professional skills

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It is not every freelance job that requires skills that take significant time, effort or professionalism to get. Here I will point out some of the best freelance jobs that require little or close to no skills to get a job online as a freelancer.

Freelance jobs that require little professional skills

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1. Data entry

Data entry is easy because your job is entering text or other data into a computer. So basically what you need is the ability to type on a keyboard or scanning a document. Also, the person giving you this job will tell you what to do and what to enter where.

2. Personal assistants

As a personal assistant, your job is to assists your boss (or the person you’re assigned to) with their daily business or personal tasks.

3. Email management

Email management basically about managing emails, usually high volumes of the inbound email received by organizations. Most companies or businesses employ email response management agents along with telephone support agents and provide them with software solutions to manage emails.

4. Social media manager

As a social media manager, your job may be to help the business manage the content and users they interact within their social media pages.

For example, you can be in charge of approving user’s who wish to join the Facebook Group, delete bad comments, ban users who violate some rules, etc.

5. Blog commenting

Some bloggers actually buy comments. Yes! They go to platforms like Fiverr (see how to make money on Fiverr) and pay people to post comments to their blog. One of the reasons they do this is to give other readers the impression that their blog is doing well and engaging many people.

6. Teaching what you know

Well, not all teachings because teaching has levels. An easy one will be for example if you’re a university student teaching primary school kids mathematics is likely going to be an easy thing for you. So, these kinds of teaching are actually easy and don’t require so much.

7. Website moderator

A website like Nairaland forum has moderators whose job is to check the posts and articles people post on their threads. Their job seems very easy but it is important to the business because if not watched people will spam the website and post all kinds of rubbish.

As a website moderator, you will be in charge of making sure that things flow well between the user’s content and what the website allows. This means also banning users who violate the rules.

8. Editing or proofreading

With tools like Grammarly, proofreading is easier. Your job will be to spot grammar errors or improvement opportunities in the content you’re editing.

9. Voice over, watching videos, etc

Of course, there are other skills that don’t require so much professionalism to get started. If you’re looking for more, take a look at the list of lucrative skills that can land you freelance jobs.

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