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Google AdSense: No more link ads, effective from today!

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Google is finally retiring Link Ads today! Recall that Google announced in the previous year that link ads will no longer be available and their email yesterday, which I also received confirmed that.

Tip: Link Ads are those ads that appear like normal links. They might have a faint background and borders though.

According to Google, effective from today, March 10th 2021:

  • You will no longer be able to create link ad units.
  • Responsive link ads will begin to serve display ad units on your site(s).
  • Your link ad units will be renamed with [previously link ad unit] added to the end of the ad unit name. This will apply to both responsive and fixed-size link ad units.

On how this affects publishers earnings, Google said that responsive display ads actually perform better than link units, meaning that publishers don’t have anything to worry about.

From my experience though, that was not the case. My link units ads performed the same or better than the other ads. My link ads had more click and eventually earned more. Although a couple of factors could have influenced that.

What now?

Google days that you don’t have to take any action regarding this change because your responsive link ads will start serving display ads automatically.

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