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How to learn web development in a short time

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Web design and development is one of the hot digital skills in the world currently and the good news is that the future still looks bright for this industry.

And yet another good news is that as intimidating as it may sound, web design is not something very hard to learn. In fact, a couple of weeks is enough for you to become a web developer if you put in the right amount of effort to it.

Of course, this does not mean you will surely become a guru in just a couple of weeks (it took many people more than a year to become proficient) but you can learn enough to confidently call yourself a web developer in just a few months.

I have been a web developer for a couple of years, and also a mobile apps developer for a few years now. What I want to share with you are some tips I know will help a beginner, based on my own experiences.

Learn from a developer

The fastest way to learn a new skill such as web design and development is to learn from a skilled web developer.

Learning from a developer is very important because of the following reasons:

Save time

When you learn a new skill from someone who has already mastered the skills it will save you a lot of time because there are a lot of things that would have taken you so much time to figure out if you were to learn everything by yourself.

Encourages you to learn more

Learning a new skill like web development can be tough and sometimes frustrating for a beginner. This is because you are not used to programming and the patience it can take to figure out why something is not working the way it should.

It takes a lot of patience to learn software skills and you need someone to guide you through and help you understand that what you are facing is a normal thing every beginner faced.

This will help you stay motivated and not quit.


1. Learning from someone doesn’t mean you should not also be learning on your own. In fact, you must always learn on your own more than you spend time learning from your tutor. Otherwise, you are not learning enough!

2. You can learn web development on your own (without anyone teaching you). Actually, I thought myself almost everything I know about software development. But the truth is that learning from someone will make it easier and faster for you.

Learn by practicing

I discovered a long time ago that the most important secret to learning mathematics is by attempting the math problem yourself, and not just reading the math books. This also applies to web development!

If you want to understand deeply and become good at web development, you MUST learn by doing! It is when you try it out that the whole thing will stick to your brain.

Also, when you try to write the codes yourself you will realize that there are questions that will begin to popup which the book you are reading or the video you are watching didn’t raise or address. That way you see yourself learning more than you would have by merely reading the books.

Take it one technology at a time

When you get started with web development it might be tempting to try and learn everything at the same time.

But my advice to you is to take it one at a time. Don’t be so much in a hurry to learn much new technology at a time. You will move faster learning one or two things at a time than trying to learn everything you need.

Learn in this order

Different people might have different opinions about what technologies to learn now when starting out with web development. Below is my own suggestion. Feel free to find better suggestions.


I recommend that you start with HTML and CSS. Get started with HTML, then add CSS along the way.

HTML and CSS are very important because they are the foundation of every modern website out there.

Why learn the two together despite that I said learn one at a time? That is because they make more sense when learnt together! And you don’t have to worry about learning too many things at the same time because HTML and CSS are relatively easy to learn.

You can get started learning HTML and CSS at this website: w3schols HTML, and w3schools CSS. Also, visit YouTube and search for HTML and CSS tutorials for beginners.


JavaScript is the obvious next step when you are comfortable with HTML. JavaScript is used in every modern website out there. The interesting thing is that it also became a backend technology, meaning that you can build a complete website with JavaScript without needing a backend language like Python or PHP.

Also, JavaScript is used in mobile apps development, making it a very versatile technology and a good choice for a beginner.

If you want a great resource for learning modern JavaScript, check out this site: javascript.info. Once again, you can get a lot of good tutorials on YouTube.

Things to remember

Before I sign off in this post, here are a few things you should have in mind:

  • It requires determination to learn web development. You need to be motivated!
  • Don’t quit too early if things get a bit frustrating. It is a normal thing most beginners passed through
  • Many things won’t make sense at the beginning. Don’t quit. Give it time and things will make sense when you begin to put the pieces together.
  • Learn by doing! This is very important!

Have a question or a comment? Please use the comment box below. Happy coding!

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