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How to pick a perfect domain name for your blog or website

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If you have never owned a blog with a custom domain name before you might think that coming up with a domain name for your blog is as easy as picking any cool name. Unfortunately, it is not that easy, unless you want a name that just doesn’t fit!

In this article, I will share with you some great tips on how to choose a perfect domain name. But first…

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a part of the web address (URL) that identifies a website. For example, the domain name of Facebook is facebook.com, that for Wikipedia is wikipedia.org, for ZestMade it is zestmade.com, etc.

With that simplified definition, let’s look at how to choose a domain name for your website or blog.


A perfect domain name should be short. The reason you should pick a short domain name is that it is easier for the user to type it in their browser address bar and head straight to your website.

But if your domain name is too long, the effort to type the domain name could discourage some users from visiting your site.

What is a short domain name?

I would say a short domain name is one with less than 13 characters (without the .com, .org, etc part). The shorter the better. Examples of short domain names are zestmade.com, amazon.com, twitter.com, etc.

Easy to remember

Another thing that makes a great domain name is how easy it is to remember. This also boils down to the users because you don’t want a name that people will find difficult to remember.

Some good examples of easy to remember domain names include internationalstudent.com, cnn.com, cars.com, etc.

Easy to spell correctly

So, your domain name is blaqBeautty.com. Unfortunately, most people who heard that will spell it incorrectly. So, when picking a domain name pick one that is easy to spell correctly.

Usually having a domain name with the words correctly spelt help. For example, zestmade.com is a combination of 2 easy to spell words: “zest” and “made”.

Relevant or generic?

I tried a couple of blogs in the past. Different blog niches. I couldn’t settle for a particular niche. But one of the biggest pain is that whenever I want to switch to a different niche I had to buy a new domain because the one I had previously can’t fit.

Here is what I mean. If you started a blog with domain name healthtips.com, and tomorrow you feel like blogging about smartphones; are you gonna talk about smartphones at healthtips.com? NO. It would make sense because healthtips.com give the idea that the blog is about health, not smartphones.

But if I started off with a generic name like zestmade.com, well that could serve for different kinds of niche.

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Should you pick a generic domain name?

Not really. It depends. If you are getting started and don’t know for sure which niche it is gonna be for you, then something a bit generic might be a good idea.

But if you already know where you are headed, you are better off picking a domain that instantly tells someone who hears or sees it what your site is all about.

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