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How to make customers find you online (in 2020)

It is one thing to have a business and it is another thing to have a business with an online presence. If you have a business in this age, you have no reason not to have an online presence. Even local traders in local markets across the country are looking for ways to push their brands online. What then is your excuse?

As easy as it sounds, the reverse is the case. There are people who have set up websites or social media accounts but have gotten zero customers from their online platforms.

But, is it actually possible for customers to find you online?

Yes, it is possible to make customers find you online, engage on your page and patronize your business, but there are certain things you have to do to make this happen and that is what this post is about to tell you.


Set up a social media page

This is the first step to take – set up a social media account with your business name. Many people tend to use their personal accounts to promote their business. This can fit for some kind of business and branding, but in most cases, it is better to set up a separate account for your business.

But to make this work, you need to know how to get it right. Customize your page to fit, depending on the social media platform. Learn how to craft a perfect Facebook Page for your business

Create content

Content here is the articles, images, videos, etc that you post on your social media pages.

For a clothing brand, for example, the content I am talking about does not mean putting up pictures of your clothes alone, it means giving your audience clothing-related content – how to combine colours, how to combine outfits, what to wear on a date, who wore it better and even reposting cute outfits that people have worn to events.

Posting only pictures of your goods will bore your prospective customers. Having useful content on your page shows that you are taking your brand seriously.

Make use of hashtags

Hashtags are there for you to use them. Do your hashtag research and find ones that are most relevant to your target audience and your content.

I would not recommend you use hashtags which have been used by millions of people but doesn’t get your posts to the right audience. It is better to use hashtags which have thousands but are related to your brand or offer.

Follow related pages

Follow pages you know your prospective clients follow. For instance, if you are into fashion products, you can follow fashion pages like Bellanaija Fashion, Asoesbibella, Nigerian Fashion Diaries and even fashion influencers who you know fashion enthusiasts follow. This will help you get closer to your prospective clients, closer than you think.

Leave thoughtful comments

Do not go about littering people’s comment section with your adverts. Leave thoughtful comments on posts of the pages that you follow. Comments that you know if you see, you would love to know who organized his/her thoughts in such an orderly manner.

People would want to know who this person is and when they do, they would visit your page and stay. I mentioned them staying because if you create useful content on your page and you are successful with getting fashion enthusiasts who follow the pages you follow to look at your page, they will stay. Who does not want free tips on how to look like a million bucks?

From following your page to loving your engaging and useful comments, your followers will become clients. Do not forget that using the hashtags also makes your posts visible. As regards the comments, do not use your business page to fight people on social media.

I have seen that times without number and even though people will find you because of the hateful and mean comment you have left for your fellow human being, it is never going to convert to sales. So, there is an emphasis on thoughtful comments.

Use ads

Advertising can help you quickly get your brand out there. However, it is important to point out that it requires learning and oftentimes trials and errors to get good at it.

There are different ways to advertise and all these have proven to be better than traditional advertising.

Apart from running ads on your target social media platforms, influencer marketing can help you convert audience to buyers. Find an influencer who is within your niche and has engagements on his/her page, pay the person to promote your brand on his/her page. 

A side note:

Many people do not like to put their prices up on their platforms be it on their website or even their social media platforms. This, I think, is a wrong business move because most people would not want to slide into your dm to know how much you are going to sell a product. They would be happy if we can find it on your page.

To make customers find you online and to convert the visibility to sales, make sure you add the price of any item you put up online. Prospective buyers like to compare and try to find ways to get the best quality at a cheap rate, as quickly as they can get it.

web development
web development

Get a website

Having a website makes people take you seriously, but most importantly, it can bring you plenty of customers, even at no cost!

For example, when people go to Google to search for products you sell, your website can appear on the search results, they follow the link and land on your site.

Have a standard website for your brand and make sure you dish out useful content on the site besides putting up your products there.

If you think you are not ready for and can’t afford a professional business website now, you can start with social media and get a website when you are ready.

I can build a professional website for your business at the best prices for your money. Hire me!

Tips: Use relevant keywords in your contents

Keywords help you gain visibility in such a way that if a prospective client is searching for something related to the service you offer; your content will be part of the first ones to pop up on the search results. Learn more about keywords.

Be active!

Finally, be active and consistent, and reply to your audience when they send messages. Speaking from a client point of view, I am always happy when I send a message to a brand and they get back to me almost immediately.

We hope that these tips will help your business gain an online presence which will bring you closer to your clients. We wish you success in your business.


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