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How to make money as a writer in Nigeria – write and get paid!

You can make a steady income as a writer here in Nigeria! If you want writing jobs that pay but don’t know how to go about it, just relax because I’m about to share with you some tips that will help you get started and start getting paid (your worth) to write.

Indeed, writing in Nigeria is a struggle on its own. You struggle to get jobs, and when you manage to get a job, the pay is very heartbreaking. But, it is not as bad as it seems if you know what to do and where to get the right offer.

Can I make money as a writer in Nigeria?

Of course, you can! There are many opportunities to write and get paid here in Nigeria. In this article, I will give you some tips from how I make money myself as a writer.

You can get paid to write articles, and it will interest you to know that freelance writing in Nigeria can give you enough money…

Sign Up As A Seller On Freelancing Platforms

The advent of freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork is a welcome development for writers. On freelancing platforms, you do not get a meager sum of 1 Naira per word. You can earn up to $15 or more for 500 words.

The easiest place to get started when looking for writing jobs is freelance websites. There are thousands of people from around the world looking for skilled writers like you.

So first things first, head over to or and create your account. You should also read how I make money on Fiverr.

Horn Your Writing Skills

How many times do you read about writing, take classes on writing or even practice how to write? You are a good writer, but researching on ways to be better at your craft is what you should do. When you sign up on freelancing platforms, you get to retain your clients because you are good at your job and you even get a useful review.

If you do a horrible job for the client, you will not only get a bad review, but you will also lose a client forever.

Don’t forget the recommendation part; people will only recommend you for a job if you are good at what you do

Master Every Genre Of Writing

You have to be a pro in anything that has to do with writing. I think poetry is the only thing I am horrible at. I learned how to write screenplays because I realized that having a story is not just enough, but having a story and converting it to a screenplay is the goal.

Read, research, learn.

You should be ready to bring your A-Game to everything; you should breathe writing. Learn the format for writing PR campaign scripts, screenplays, novels, short stories, blog posts/ articles, plays, press releases, and every other thing. Trust me; you will make more money.

Do Not Undermine Your Craft

By undermining your craft, I mean being cheap. No one is telling you to be exorbitant, but do not reduce yourself to almost anything because you are trying to get a job. You will always hear people say “we are giving you exposure” which is not bad, but learn to master the art of negotiation if you want to make headway in writing. Learn how to get paid to write articles.

Be Your Own Public Relations Officer

Promote your craft on your social media platforms. If you have signed up on any freelancing platform, you have gotten a job, and you have a useful review (emphasis on good), take a screenshot and put it up on your social media platforms. That way, people on your list can see the excellent job that you do and even recommend you for a similar role which equates to making money.

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There are a lot of online writing jobs in Nigeria as well as several ways you can get paid to write articles. Hopefully, I have given you some hints on how to write articles for money in Nigeria, but if you have questions, leave a comment down below or send an email to us.

Write your way into riches!

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