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How to promote your business with online contents (and get more customers)

You can build an effective online presence for your business and reach more customers and potential customers online if you know how to promote your business with content marketing.

“Content they say is king” and it is not just because it is a famous cliche, but that is just the truth. If you have a business and you do not know about promoting your business via content marketing, you are not ready to make serious sales as regards your business. Content Marketing is a thing and many business owners have positive stories as regards how they sold tons of their products via content marketing. 

What is content marketing?

Content marketing means making use of content relevant to your business to drive sales to the products or services that you have to sell. 

How do you promote your business via content?

Share relevant information as regards your niche

If for instance, you are a human hair vendor, it is boring to always share photos of the hair you are selling on your page or even videos of ladies rocking your hair, smiling and probably dancing. It gets to a point where it becomes stale and people want more than that.

Have you thought about sharing hair tips? You can start telling your followers on social media how to style the human hair you sell, the dos and don’ts of the hair and a host of other things you know these women will need. Let them always go to your page to know what is new as regards taking care of the hair. That kind of content helps promote your business and it helps your customers stay because you are not just interested in making sales, but in helping them take care of the product they have purchased.

Organize free masterclasses

This is similar to sharing relevant information as regards your business but as a masterclass. You can organize masterclasses on WhatsApp or Telegram. There, people that need your services or your products can register and learn.

Think of a business owner who runs a natural hair product brand deciding to teach people how to style their natural hair. You can make use of your product when you are doing that. That way, you are killing two birds with one stone. You are driving traffic to your platform and at the same time, you are selling your product. 

Be a guest writer or speaker on a relevant platform

Have you ever thought about sharing your content with another digital platform or page? You should keep that in mind because it is a good idea.

To do this, you can reach out to a similar page and ask to be a guest writer or ask for a collaboration. That way, you share the information that they need while infusing your products as much as you can. Do not forget to include your name and your business name when you are asked to provide your profile.

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Make use of social media

Your website is not the only place you can share your content. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest have proved very helpful. If you are in doubt, do your research. I bet you will find out that most businesses do not even have websites.

Nigerian Hair boss Mizwanneka who makes tons of cash selling her human hair via Instagram only recently paid for a website. So, she was running a successful business without one.

I am trying to let you know the importance of sharing on social media platforms. If you want to promote your product and your content, you can share a paragraph or two on your social media platforms and include the link to your business in your bio. You get to drive traffic to your website and your product.

Be active on social media groups

There are so many groups on social media especially on Facebook and thousands of people belong to these groups. If you want to make them get interested in your products, do not do that right away. Think of sharing relevant information as regards your niche and infusing your products in the content you are sharing on the groups.

In a natural hair group, for instance, a lot of women are desperate to grow their hair because it is what is trending right now. Others are there to show off their hair. Your target market can be those struggling, but you are no going to introduce them to your product right away. Think of sharing your how I grew my hair story on the group. Don’t just tell them about your product, tell them how you wash your hair, the protect styles, how you comb your hair and if you are selling a moisturizer, this is where the marketing comes in, you can now talk about how you used your products to moisturize and how all these good practices combined helped you grow your hair. You will be amazed at the turn out of events.


There are many more ways to put your business on the lips of the public. Explore more, find out what works for you. I hope you put them into practice and try to make your page as interactive as possible to drive sales to your business. I wish you success!

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