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How to start a profitable barbing salon (barbershop) business in Nigeria

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Learn how you can start a Barbing Salon (barbershop) business in Nigerian as an entrepreneur, taking account important things such as startup capital, the equipment you will need for a barbing salon business, location, marketing, and so on.

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Equipment needed for a barbing salon business

barbershop tools


There is a couple of equipment you will need to start a barbing salon business. Some of the equipment are must-have, while the other optional.

First, here are the must-have tools in a barbershop:


Clippers are a must because it is the primary tool for cutting the hairs. Make sure to get more than one clipper so if one disappoints, you can quickly pick up the other one to continue your work.

Large mirrors

I am sure you must have visited barbershops yourself and noticed that they all have large mirrors. The mirrors are important because your customers will need them to see their hairs as you cut it. I doubt any customer will barber in your shop if you don’t have those mirrors.

Get at least two large mirrors mounted at the right position. Most people position it such that the two mirrors are facing each other.


You need nice and comfortable chairs for customers to sit.

There are generally two types of seats a barbershop will need:

  1. The seat for the person you’re cutting the hair to sit on. This is usually a singular seater that is rotatable and very comfortable.
  2. Seats for other customers who could be waiting for their turn to barber their hair.

Backup generator

You need a backup generator in case the NEPA light goes off. Of course, you know that there is no steady power in Nigeria, so you definitely have to prepare for that.

You don’t need a big generator. A small generator can serve. Just get a generator that can power your clipper and other typical things such as the must stereo, television, etc, and you are good to go.


You also need electric fans to keep your shop cool so customers don’t feel hot and sweat all over. I am not sure if any customer would like to visit a barbershop where they have to sweat.

So, get at least one electric fan for your barbing salon.

Other equipment for your barbershop

  • combs
  • powder
  • disinfectants
  • etc.

How to make your barbing salon a successful business

Lean business plan

Lean business plan

Just like every other business, a barbershop business can succeed or fail, depending on how certain factors play out in the business. Interestingly, most of those factors that will make your barbing salon business succeed are in your hands and here are some of them:

Shop location

The location of your barbershop matters a lot. It is smart that your barbershop is located at a place that is easily accessible by customers.

For example, it is better to locate your barbershop at a busy street where many people pass than a street where people hardly pass.

Another good place to locate a barbershop is at a strategic location in a busy market. Many people in Nigeria barber their hair at barbing salons at the markets.


Every business needs marketing to succeed, especially in this modern business world and fierce competitions out there.

You need to actively promote your barbershop through words of mouth, social media and other channels you can find.

Know which social media platform most of your potential customers are, locate them and let them know about your barbershop and what makes your barbing salon stand out.

Make sure to see how to promote your business online and get more customers. Marketing is important to draw customers to your barbershop, so, take it seriously.

Quality service

If you do not deliver quality service, that is if your customers are not happy with your service, your barbershop business will suffer, no matter the of efforts you put into other things.

How to deliver quality service in your barbershop:

  • make sure you are an expert barber so you cut the customers’ hair the way that makes them happy
  • ensure that your customers feel comfortable coming to your shop – provide them with seat, conducive temperature (fan or AC),
  • be friendly and nice to your customers

Wrapping up

Remember, the job of a good barber is to be good at what he does, deliver quality service that makes the customers very satisfied.

However, having the skills is not enough. You need to actively promote your business so you can grow your customer base while retaining the old customers.

Plan well, execute well. Good luck!

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