How to start a successful makeup business from home (in Nigeria)

You can start a makeup business from home here in Nigeria and make profits. But like every other business, you need to plan it so it works for you. This article will give you some information you need to start this business.

Has the question of how to start a makeup business from home in Nigeria been on your mind? If you are a lover of cosmetics and makeup, then the idea of doing what you love to pay the bills is not going to be a bad idea.

There is a famous saying that goes “make your passion your profession and success will chase you pants down,” and as regards the beauty industry, there are a lot of beauty lovers who have decided to make a living out of what they love, and you too can do it.

In Nigeria for example, we have Dimma Umeh, Joyce Jacobs, Anita Brows, Bibyonce and a host of others. So, if you are looking for the answer to setting up a makeup studio in Nigeria, grab your cup of coffee, let’s get to it.

Learn from makeup artists

One step you definitely don’t want to miss when starting a new business is learning from other entrepreneurs who have been in the same line of business.

There are a lot of successful makeup artists there who went through different challenges, failures, and success before they got to where they are today.

The important thing about learning from those who have been on the business journey you want to embark on is that you can learn from their mistakes and avoid those mistakes, learn from their experience and the secrets they are willing to share.

Interestingly, many makeup artists our there are willing to share their experience with you, just like in this video and tons of such helpful resources online:

Do your research

Decide if you want to have your business online (like a makeup channel on YouTube, Instagram page) or a traditional makeup business where you will get to make people up for money.

If you have decided to go with doing it online, research beauty bloggers and vloggers who have sealed their names in the hearts of beauty lovers, and discover how they managed to do it. Follow them on Instagram, YouTube or whatever social media platform they are on.

Read their stories and find out from them how to start a successful makeup business from home and the makeup set they use.

This also applies to makeup services you do from your makeup studio or the comfort of your home. So whether your business if online or offline, you need to research successful makeup artists and makeup brands and how their owners built them.

Know your potential customers

In other words, have a clear picture of your target market. Who are you looking to reach out to that wants your services? With this question in mind, you will be able to know how to go about your planning and how to your write makeup artist business plan or vision board.

Knowing your target market is very important because it will help you decide where to channel your time, money and efforts for maximum profit.

Therefore, before investing time and money in your business, you need to have done your homework well and have a clear picture of your potential customers persona.

For example, let’s say you want to run ads online to reach your potential customers for your makeup business, the very obvious thing is that females should be your target audience, especially ones between the ages of 18-40 years.

But then, it is not just about knowing the gender and age bracket. There are other information that can be quite helpful. You can learn more about creating a buyer persona on this article by HubSpot: how to create a detailed buyer persona for your business.

Launch your business

If you have decided to start your makeup channel, now is the right time to begin. Now is the time to launch that YouTube channel, Instagram page, and Twitter handle.

Subscribe to a lot of good Nigerian makeup artists who have thriving businesses on YouTube. Watch their videos, leave thoughtful comments on their channels and don’t forget to hint that you are a makeup artist, but do not ask their subscribers to subscribe to your channel. You will be blocked.

If you are tilting towards making people up for money and you want to set up a makeup studio, your studio should be ready by now or almost ready, you should also get the basic makeup things you need; get a good makeup case too.

Get online and market yourself

With the advent of social media, life has become more accessible. If you have made up your mind as regards the business of helping others look good or teaching others how to look good, promote yourself online. Whether it is an online (YouTube or blog) business, promote yourself and your business on social media.

Open a new page for your business on social media, especially Instagram. You can even make use of the IGTV now to market your products. If you want, you can also use your page, but it is advisable to create a new page for your brand.

Reach out to movie producers via social media. You can tell them that you are willing to come to their set to give their cast a makeover for free. That’s how the biggest luxury hair vendor in Nigeria Hair by Wanneka got her clients. She offered to style the cast for free.

Tell your friends to tell their friends that you are a makeup artist and you are available to do the job.

Don’t get too pricy yet

As a new business that is trying to get your name out there you might consider taking even jobs that may pay very little at first, do not reject it. Your main goal at this stage is to get your name out there, get followers/subscribers or customers and boost your online presence.

Give your client a good makeover, take a picture, and put it on social media so people can know the job that you do. You never know where your big client will come from, so put your head in the game and give it your best.

People like Anita Brows started small, and now, they are travelling around the world to give people face makeup. Dimma Umeh began her channel doing makeup tutorials and reviewing best makeup products cosmetic products at her parent’s house in Enugu. Now, she is a global brand, and she has worked with top makeup brands all over the world. Start, give it your best.

Follow the trends

Learning thy say never ends, even in business. To stay relevant and move from where you are now to the next step, you have to learn more.

Thanks to this Internet age, you don’t necessarily have to go to school to get a formal education as regards makeup. The Internet is your biggest library. Watch a lot of YouTube videos so you will learn how to create a lot of looks and you will be familiar with new trends in makeup. That’s why it is essential to follow beauty vloggers who are good at what they do.

You can start small and also smart

Since you are just getting started you may not have the resources that your popular competitors out there already have.

At this stage, you don’t need to have a studio now if you are on a tight budget. You can do the job in your house and put up pictures on social media. Let your social media pages be your studio for the meantime. When you have made enough money, you can think of getting a real studio.

Also, if you are interested in starting a makeup channel on YouTube, you do not need to wait till you have an incredible camera. If you cannot afford a camera at the moment and you have a smartphone, use your phone camera till you can get a good camera.

Use the little money you have to get the must-have items like the beauty products.

And finally, do your homework well, gather as much information as you can and take a bold step. The time to get started becoming the entrepreneur and a successful makeup artist you want to be is now!

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