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How To Start A Successful Dropshipping Business In Nigeria

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Dropshipping is a lucrative business you can start easily in Nigeria. Dropshipping is a promising entrepreneurship venture where you will utilize the simple tech at your fingertips to run a full fledged  business with little or no hassles, and very low capital.

How dropshipping works

Dropshipping is a retail method of business where the seller does not keep the products they are selling in stock. Instead, when the seller (store) sells a product, it gets the item from a third party and ships it directly to the customer.

It is a type of business that enables entrepreneurs to operate without keeping an inventory, without owning a physical warehouse where they store their products or shipping their products to their customers themselves.

In dropshipping, you will responsible for the prices of the products you sell to customers, you will also be responsible for the marketing of your own brand using different online ads you can lay your hands on. You can sell to an actual customer before paying for inventory if you want.

How to start dropshipping business in Nigeria

Let me share with you important steps and considerations on you how to start a dropshipping business of your own.

Pick a niche

The first step is selecting a niche. In selecting a niche, it is best you pick and concentrate on the one you have a full understanding of. This will give a lot of advantages and one of those advantages is that you will be able to spot something fishy about a product’s quality, the process, or the pricing if there is.

The niche you decide to delve into should align your thought patterns, emotions, and actions with your goals consistently. Since it takes a lot of work to scale a dropshipping business, you might be discouraged if you are not passionate about the niche you choose.

Select a supplier

Transacting with the wrong suppliers will completely bring your business to its knees. This is a step you have to carefully research well before choosing whoever is going to be your supplier. Most of the suppliers that are suited for Nigerians are based abroad, the popular one being China.

Here’s a list of suppliers that are popular and that you can thoroughly research on:

  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress
  • Shopify
  • Spoket
  • Oberlo
  • SaleHoo
  • Wholesale2B
  • Inventory source
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Dropified
  • DHgate
  • Doba
  • Megagoods

Be sure they have the capacity to work with you.

Setup your platform

Your platform is your store, this time, it is an online store. You may decide to create your own e-commerce store or use popular e-commerce platforms in Nigeria (Konga, Jumia, etc) for selling since they allow other businessmen to sell on their platforms.

If you are a starter, I will strongly advise that you use popular e-commerce stores in Nigeria instead of starting your own.  You can also sell on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. The popular e-commerce stores in Nigeria will help you as a starter to solve some problems that you may not have the required resources to solve on your own.

As your business grows, you can then set up your own e-commerce store.

Promote your business

You need to aggressively promote your business to be able to achieve your purpose of selling and making profits. Promoting your business involves several approaches and must be achieved using effective and affordable means.

I will recommend you use digital marketing means in promoting your dropshipping business. The more customers who go through your store, the more possible it is to scale.

Proven digital marketing platforms that you can utilize are Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, Google ads, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, etc.,  and also promoting  your offers organically on these platforms or through  your blog.

Take customer satisfaction seriously

Make your customers’ satisfaction an obligation and a top priority. Happy customers bring in more customers and this is one of the best ways to scale quickly and grow.

You can check how efficient your business is by ordering for yourself like a customer could and see the loopholes you might want to work on to be spot on.

Check for the brand logo, check for the efficiency of the shipping, check the time of delivery if it is prompt, etc.

In conclusion, to start a dropshipping business, you need to first pick a niche, select a credible and trustworthy supplier, choose a platform, market your products, and make customers’ satisfaction your top priority.

Take advantage of this information and start earning via a dropshipping business today!

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