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How to link your bank card to PayPal account in Nigeria in 2 minutes!

PayPal link a bank card
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When you link your credit/ATM card with your PayPal account you should be able to make online payments without exposing your card/bank details to whom you are making the payment to.

Basically speaking, PayPal stands between you and whomever you are paying to while making sure the transaction is done without the person you are paying knowing your card details.

To link a bank card to your PayPal Nigeria account, follow the steps below:

After you sign-up at PayPal and have confirmed your email address as shown in this post, the next step is to link your bank card (credit/debit/ATM card) to your PayPal account so you can begin to carry out transactions.

Steps to link bank card to PayPal Account

1. Go to your PayPal dashboard

Visit your PayPal account dashboard via paypal.com/myaccount/home. If you are not already logged in, simply log in with your email address and password.

Once you login to your dashboard, you will see an option to “Link a Card” or “Add A Card”, something similar to the screenshot below:

PayPal account dashboard

2. Link a card

When you click on the option to link a card, you will be taken to a form to enter your card details, as shown in the image below:

PayPal Link a card

Simply select your card type and enter your card details in the form and click “Save” to complete linking your bank card to PayPal.

PayPal Linked Bank Cards

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