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7 Lucrative (profitable) skills to learn as a student in Nigeria

Hair plaiting
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If you want to make money as a student (while in school), run your own business and be your own boss or fit in many opportunities when you graduate, skills are what you really need!

I learnt software development while studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. Up till this day, no one has asked me to present my certificate, not even the company I work for. A certificate is important; Don’t joke with it. But it is not enough to get you anything. What eventually pays you is the values you can offer. That is what employers are looking for, not just your certificate!

In this article, my friend who is an undergraduate wants to with you some of the most lucrative skills you can learn as a student. Skills are very useful. Learn and master at least one!

Here are 7 lucrative (profitable) skills students learn in Nigeria

  1. Baking
  2. Hairdressing
  3. Fixing of nails, lashes, etc
  4. Makeup business
  5. Sewing
  6. Bead making
  7. Making of hair products (e.g shampoo)

Baking business

Baking is among the most profitable skills from what I have seen so far in the school environment. It earns lots of money. For example, if u are in a school environment doing such business you can earn a lot because almost every day someone wants to make cake either for their own purpose or others maybe for a birthday party or just something else. Students like to party 😉


Hairdressing is another important skill to learn come to think of it after learning such and you get the chance to move to a student environment or a very big place opened or exposed to girls bet me you will make it.

In schools, hairdressing gives money because thousands of them are plating their hair; with only a few of them who don’t grow their hair. Every weekend students plate their hair you will earn even more if your really good in hair making especially weave-on.

Fixing of nails or eyelashes

Fixing of nails and other makeup items is another major lucrative or profitable skill students can learn which is very easy to do. Fixing of nails is very nice and simple to do. For example, I have a friend who uses that to feed himself in school, he gets customers every day especially on Saturdays. In a day he earns not less than five thousand.

Makeup business

Makeup as we know it is another juicy skill for both girls and guys. Yes, most also learn makeup too! Makeup is best done in schools because students like makeup! I can confidently guess that up to 90% of girls makeup. It is not limited to ladies. Sometimes some guys also makeup.

If you find yourself in the future working as a makeup artist in a movie industry or for celebrities, well, your hustle has blown big😃.

Sewing business

Sewing is another lucrative skill to learn. After learning such skill one will earn more if he is in an open place with easy access or discoverability. Thanks to the internet, you can also market what you do on social media platforms!

Sewing requires more seriousness while learning but will be enjoyed later. Because it is highly profitable especially in the cities 🙂Here is how to get started with sewing as a skill and a business.

Bead making

Bead making is also a good skill. It is really nice and I don’t need to emphasize more. Beed making is profitable even in remote villages.  Most people, urban or rural like traditional attires! In the movie industries, they use beads. So imagine learning such skill; making it and selling your own beads. Your chances of making sales are high.

Making of hair products

Learning how to make hair products (e.g. hair shampoo) is also good it earns lots of money. It is highly used especially in the school environment because almost all the time students wash their hair to look neat.

With all these mentioned, I guess you make the right choice. Take a look at the most profitable small businesses in Nigeria.

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