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6 Steps to make money on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

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Would you like to make money on social media if you know how to? Very well then, in this article, I will share with you how you can make money on the popular social media platforms.

Why people are making money on social media

With more than two (2) billion people on social media, social media are the most popular way people connect, and with this connection, many others decided to make some cash out of it. There are quite a number of ways to make money with social media!

Below are some of the steps or ways you can make money on social media.

Choose a social media platform

With Instagram, Facebook and Twitter leading the social media sphere, I would recommend you choose any of those 3. I prefer Instagram, although any other platform you choose is fine.

Instagram has more than 500 million active users, and 50 million+ monthly users, and ranks among the most popular social networking websites today. Instagram is a social media platform that is used by people from all walks of life. From popular celebrities to the average Nigerian who owns an internet-enabled smartphone. Instagram is imbued with interesting features which you can actually utilize to your advantage.

Create your profile and build your followership

First thing you will have to do before you can start making money on social media is to create a nice profile that fits your goal.

Take time to write a really good and precise introduction. Write a brief introduction of yourself and/or your business and add a link to your offer.

If you own a website, social media pages also provide avenues for you to add links to your websites on your profile page.

Why is followership important?

The extent to which you can make money on social media is directly or indirectly dependent on the number of followers you have.

Having successfully set up your profile, you have to start building your followership and start marketing your product or services you have to offer.

How to build followership on social media 

You can do the following to build your followership:

  1. Choose a niche: decide what you want to focus on. But your account should be primarily about the particular stuff. It could be about medicine, music, comedy, gossips, tutorials, football, fashion, even criticizing the government and more. You can dive into different areas once in a while but you need to have a dominant field.
  2. Be consistent: you have to be consistent, by consistency I mean you have to post every day. That will make your followers have something to look forward to. When you are consistent, people will always come to your profile to get updated on what they might have missed.
  3. Engage: make sure you engage with your followers, it is important. Reply comments, go to other profiles in your niche and engage, people will want to check out your profile. 
  4. Promote your content: if you have small money to spend, do giveaways, this is another fast way to gain followers.

Partner with brands for sponsored posts

You can make money on social media by posting original sponsored contents for brands. You can achieve this by sharing a sponsored video or picture that features a particular brand or product. Usually, such posts usually come with a caption that has either a link or a hashtag or a @mention. 

Make sure you only promote brands that are relevant to your niche. Once the sponsored post blend with your post, your followers might not even notice.

If you are already a social media influencer, it is possible that you already have brands reaching out to you for sponsorship and advertisement.

If you are on Instagram and brands are not reaching out to you yet, you can check influencers network below:

  • https://buzzweb.com/creators/: if you are a starter, this is ideal for you. You can join if you have up to 5000 followers. You will have chances to run some campaigns and get paid in 24 hours!
  • tapinfluence.com: This website will match you with brands after you have set up your profile. So you can promote and start making money.
  • tapinfluence.com: Influence has a large pool of brands and once you join, you can submit an application to these brands which are in over 65 countries in the world to promote their brand.

Put your own products on sale

If you have your own product or services, social media is perhaps the best way to make money. You can use your profile and posts to market your own products.

Take beautiful pictures of your products and project them to your followers, let your followers share and repost them and it will get a great deal of attention which will attract a lot of customers. 

If you do not have products to sell. You can quickly create an online shop. Then copy products that are relevant to your niche from big suppliers around the world into your shop. Advertise these products on your social media page. Whenever your followers want to buy the products, the suppliers will ship the product and you make money from your sales.

Make money affiliate marketing

After building your followership, you can make money by promoting other people’s products and you will get paid a commission.

For example, if your niche is shoes, you usually post pictures of you and other people rocking different amazing shoes. Chances are that there are many people among your followers who may be loving those shoes.

You can register as an affiliate for companies or the companies can even approach you directly so you get paid a commission anytime any of your followers buy from the link you might have posted.

*** Here are simple steps to start a blog like a pro, plus how to make money from your blog. Read how to start a money-making blog.

Sell your social media account

Another simple way of making money on social media is to sell your account. If there are any reasons you are not able to use your social media page anymore, you can sell it.

NB: But please check legal requirements or implications before selling your social media account.

If Instagram is the social media you are using, there are some sites you can actually sell your Instagram accounts. This way your hard work will pay off. Some of the sites that buy Instagram accounts are https://viralaccounts.com, https://toofame.com  and http://www.fameswap.com.

Instagram for small businesses

Instagram is also a great channel for small business to reach their potential customers, and even make sales.

By actively posting content that are relevant to your target audience (potential customers), you gradually build followers who you can easily convert to buyers.

This same strategy is not limited to Instagram but applies to other techniques such as blogging, and vlogging.

If you are a small business and you are not active on any social media platform, it is time to give your business a boost using social media.

Wrapping up

Time to start making money on social media

Now that you have learnt how to make money on social media, it is the time to take action. Use the above steps to start, be patient, because building followers is the most difficult part. Alternatively, there are other ways to make money online in Nigeria, either as a side gig or a fulltime job.


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