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How to make money online in Nigeria as a student (with no capital)

You can make money online in Nigeria as a secondary school student, university student or whatever school or level of study you are in. You are not limited at all.

Whether you are looking for an online business that will start generating income soonest or you are looking for long term business for now and the future, there are tons of opportunities online for a business minded Nigerian student out there.

It is easy and you can do it

Many successful online entrepreneurs we have today in Nigerian and other countries started their journey from their school days, some from as early as secondary school and most others from tertiary institutions.

The cool thing about making money online is that it is so easy to get started. While in many cases of starting a traditional business you hear people complain that they can’t start a business because of the capital required, in most online business you need little or NO CAPITAL to get started!

Online business for students

As a student, you can start most kinds of online business depending on

  • how much time you can give the business
  • the business you want to start
  • how much may be required to start the business
  • your knowledge or willingness to learn

With that said, here are some of the lucrative online businesses that have worked for many:

1. Blogging

Blogging remains among the top and most lucrative online businesses for most online entrepreneurs, including students.

But the most important blogging secret a beginner needs is to learn blogging techniques that work. By learning from experienced bloggers you can avoid a lot of mistakes beginners make.

The truth about blogging is that it takes hard work and patience for you to start seeing the results but that is expected because nothing good comes easy.

To get started with blogging I highly recommend you see this ultimate beginner’s guide to profitable blogging.

2. Freelance jobs

You can start freelancing at websites like and On these websites, you just have to sign up and create services you want to sell.

The cool thing is that they are free! However, you really need a laptop if you are considering this online business.

But I must point out that the biggest challenge with freelancing at Fiverr or Upwork is the competition there. Because of this beginners usually find it difficult to land their first client.

If you have a laptop and Internet connection then head over to to sign up and start selling.

3. Online marketing

Online marketing using social media is another highly lucrative online business a student can start and make a steady income.

As an online marketer, you help businesses promote their brand, generate leads and eventually acquire more customers.

There are different platforms you can choose for starting online marketing. Here is a good Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing article to get you started.

4. Other ways students can make money online in Nigeria

Apart from the popular ones I have mentioned already, there are still many online business opportunities for students and some are even more profitable than blogging, freelancing at Fiverr and online marketing.

If you have the entrepreneurial mindset and you are ready to explore the coolest money-making opportunities I urge you to see this: Most lucrative online businesses currently.

All the best!

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