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How to make money with OList referral program

Learn how to make money with OList referral program. It is actually so easy that by simply signing up you will earn some cash right away!

What is OList?

OList is a buy-and-sell platform, something similar to jiji.com, kara.com.ng and other online marketplaces in Nigeria.

Its is another product by Opera, the company behind OPay, ORide, OBus, OFood and the other O things you hear about.

How to make money with OList

The easiest way to start making money with OList is through OList referral program. Here is how to do it:

1. Sign up at OList

  • Register at OList website or through the Olist app by visiting this link: OList Program
  • The link above is for everyone but If you want to access it in iOS app, install from the App Store: iOS OList app

2. Sign up

After installing the app, register with any option you like, example your email address, or phone number, or Facebook, Google, etc. The registration process is very easy.

Once you sign up, you will be awarded a small earning for installing and registering on OList.

3. Refer people to OList and earn

To earn money with OList referral program, you need to refer people to OList using your referral link or code.

What do I mean by that? 

It simply means telling other people to install the app. But, there is a way to do it so your earning will be recorded for you.

You have to send your OList referral link to the people you are inviting and they have to follow your link to install the app. Alternatively, send them your OList referral code which they can enter in the app when they sign up.

How to get your OList referral link and code

  1. Open your OList app and login or sign up if you haven’t
  2. Go to Profile and click Share and you will see the link and referral code, like the one shown in the screenshot below, the OList referral code is 460361
OList referral link and code
OList referral link and code

Terms and conditions

Rules for inviting activities

Activity Rules
* Apple is not a sponsor or involved in the campaign in any manner.
1、Users can invite friends to become new users of olist (hereinafter referred to as “new users”) by sharing links. After the invited friends are registed and signed up as new users, they can then input the invitation code. After the successfully inputing the code, the new users will get reward points (20 score).

2、Every time a user successfully invites a new user, he / she can get a reward point (10 score).

3、The points obtained by users can be viewed in “my invitation”, and the points can be exchanged for prizes.

4、New users refer to users who have not registered on the olist platform (including but not limited to olist app, etc.).

5、The same user can’t invite himself/herself.

6、The same user, refers to the email, phone number, phone terminal device number, consignee name, detailed address, contact information, ip address and other information related to the user’s identity, any one or several of the same, similar, the formation of batch information by specific tags, or other facts that are not true and valid, will be identified as the same user, and processed by the same user in the activity rule.

7、If the user violates the rules (such as obtaining the rights and interests by improper means, making profits with the rights and interests obtained, cheating, malicious registration, etc.), the user will be punished according to the rules, including but not limited to canceling the user’s invitation qualification, canceling the relevant illegal points, taking back the awards, etc.

8、Olist can move or adjust the activity rules according to the actual situation of the activity. Relevant movements or adjustments will be posted on the activity page and will take effect immediately after publication.

How much can you make from OList referral program?

In the next article is showed how much I’ve made from the OList program. Take a look at the article: My OList earning. After that, you can decide if it is worth giving a try or not.

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