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Making money is easier said than done, but this can help

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Making money… easier said than done! But here is one way we can look at it: CREATE a PRODUCT and SELL it.

What product?

A product is something that people WANT and are READY to PAY for it.

What do people want?

Here is a very broad way we can look at it:

– money
– more customers
– good health
– happy relationships
– education
– power and fame
– etc

SELL the product

Take your product to those that need it and have means to get paid.

Reaching your potential customers:

  • social media
  • search engines
  • etc.

Thinking about using search engines (website, SEO, keyword research, PPC/CPC ads…) – Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A professional website that is SEO optimized is a must! What then?

– Website: Have a website for your business
– Content: Create quality content around what your target audience – potential clients/customers are looking for.

For example, ZestMade.com helps businesses build an effective web presence and acquire more customers so they can make more profit, but doesn’t create content on web programming but on how to get more customers online with a business website, SEO, blogging, etc… Content is centred on what the target audience is looking for.

SEO: Optimize the website for higher ranking on Google and other search engines. This includes improving the website speed, responsiveness and mobile-friendliness, etc.

PPC/CPC: use paid ads to drive target traffic to your website.

Made it thus far? Action time!

The take action! Work with me at ZestMade.com (zestmade.com). Let me craft a professional, SEO optimized modern website and help give your business a solid web presence.

There is no better time to take action than… NOW!

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