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5 Easiest Ways To Travel To Canada From Nigeria

Do you want to migrate to Canada for greener pastures or just want to travel to Canada for education, permanent residence, etc? There are different ways you can achieve that!

Canada - Toronto's CN Tower
Canada – Toronto’s CN Tower

CN Tower, Toronto (Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario, Canada. It is a major Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore).

A lot of Nigerians, especially the younger generation, are looking for how to travel from Nigeria to Canada. The internet is buzzing with videos and posts on migrating to Canada from Nigeria, and travel agencies, including the fake ones, are cashing out big time.

As a Nigerian, you probably have considered relocating from Nigeria to pursue your career path and life abroad. If you have thoughts of migrating, Canada has to be on your list.

How To Travel To Canada From Nigeria

Before you hit the Canadian High Commission in Nigeria or the website of the Canada visa application center (CVAC) in Nigeria, the first question you need to ask yourself is how do you relocate from Nigeria to Canada of your dreams? Interestingly, there are different options for you, as shown below!

1. Academics

This is the easiest way to travel to Canada from Nigeria. To do this, you have to apply for admission at a Canadian University. Because getting into a Canadian University is very competitive, you should apply to two or more schools, so you do not put your eggs in one basket. Kindly note that this process is not cheap. Application fees to Canadian Universities are expensive. The cheapest is the University of Saskatchewan, and it costs 95 CAD. Other schools costs from 100 CAD to 145 CAD.

Once you are admitted, you can use the application letter to apply for a visa, and if you are successful with that, you should be on your way going to Canada from Nigeria.

2. Marriage

Another right way to migrate from Nigeria to Canada is through marriage. That is, if you have a spouse who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, it is easy to relocate so you can reunite with your spouse. If you have a spouse studying in Canada, you can join your spouse, too, and get a work visa. It is a pretty straightforward and easy process if you and your spouse do it the right way.

Victoria's Inner Harbour, British Columbia, Canada
Victoria’s Inner Harbour, British Columbia, Canada

3. Work

Do you know you can get a job in Canada from Nigeria and relocate to Canada on a working visa? Like, the company can pay for your relocation. Now, you know, let us put you through on that. You can get a job in Canada from Nigeria. You can do that by applying extensively to employment in Canada and changing your CV and LinkedIn profile to the Canadian format to attract Canadian recruiters. If you want to relocate and you feel you are a mid-level professional, you can start applying for jobs in Canada.

4. Apply for Permanent Resident (PR)

If you are up to date as regards what is going on in Nigeria, you will understand that a lot of mid-level professionals in Nigeria are applying for Canadian PR, getting it, and relocating. Statistics show that Nigeria takes the cake as regards the country with the highest entry for Canadian Permanent Resident Application. If you are looking at this route, get ready to write the IELTS General as writing, and passing it in flying colors increases your points. Also, note that they consider age too. Younger people have more advantages.

5. Tourism

Banff National Park, Canada
Canada – Banff National Park & the Rocky Mountains

If you are still looking for how to travel to Canada from Nigeria, you can consider this. It is harder to get a tourist visa for Canada now, but it is worth giving a try. You can apply for a tourist visa and extend it if you decide to study. So, if you make up your mind about relocating, you can try this route. Before you do, make sure the only stamp on your passport is not the Benin Republic.

All the routes we mentioned costs money. From academics to Permanent Resident and even tourism would cost you money. So, while planning your exit from Nigeria, plan along with your finances as the fees and expenses will not pay itself. Do a lot of research on how much it will cost to relocate from Nigeria to Canada and Canada visa Nigeria processing time.

We wish you luck on your journey.

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