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5 Most Profitable Modern Business Ideas for 2021 & Beyond

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For some people, the greatest challenge about starting a business is figuring out what business to start. I mean, there are thousands of business ideas out there but you don’t start any business just because it is a business. You want to choose a business idea where you have higher chances of making profits.

I this article, I want to share with you some of the most promising modern businesses you can start right away.

And here they are…

1. Tutoring (selling online courses)

One business that stands out among the other lucrative business idea that I want to share with you today is selling online courses. It is as easy as package up your knowledge and sell it online. Unfortunately, many people either don’t know about this business or don’t know how to get started is tutoring online.

What makes this business stand out is that you can record one course but sell it to an infinite amount of people! Of course, I’ve learnt from many online tutors that recording a course is such a big task but if you make a course people would love you have nothing to lose.

You can use platforms like Teachable, Udemy or Tutor to start tutoring online. What you need is a skill to teach someone out there and some knowledge to pass across. I’ve also seen a lot of people using social media platforms to run their tutoring business. Alternatively, you can have your own website which I believe is a great option because it gives you that power to put everything the way you want it to be without so many restrictions compared to using Facebook or other social media platforms.

2. Freelance with your skill

Freelancing is one of the surest ways to make money in this internet age. Ever heard of Upwork or Fiverr? There is a lot of opportunities for you on these websites, especially if you have those high in-demand skills.

Interestingly, it is very easy to get started freelancing on these platforms. What you need is to have or learn one of the top-selling skills in the freelance world, sign up and start hustling for your clients.

In my previous post, I listed some of the hottest skills to sell on Fiverr. The same applies to Upwork and other freelance websites.

3. Start an e-commerce business

Start selling products online. It is easy to get started and you don’t need a lot of capital upfront. You can use your own website, Instagram or dedicated e-commerce platforms like Shopify to start your e-commerce business in few steps.

There are many e-commerce business ideas out there. You can literally sell anything online. While that is true I think you will have a better chance if you sell something you have knowledge of or something people know you for.

For example, let’s assume you’ve been a blogger in the makeup niche, then starting e-commerce for makeup products can be easier for you because you already have the audience (potential customers) and knowledge of the products/business.

4. Vlog around your products

There are so many YouTubers these days but I think the ones making the real money are vloggers that use their videos to sell their own products. Vlogging around your services or products is one of the smartest ways to make money online these days.

There are many people using this strategy already, including my personal favourite, TechLead. In addition to selling his own products, this guy also gets massive sponsorships in most of his videos.

5. Food delivery business

Prepare delicious meals that people salivate for, your customers order the food online and you use dispatch riders to deliver the meal to their doorstep.

Super easy right? But then, most food delivery businesses in this country don’t do it right. Some of them have websites that look so unprofessional and difficult to navigate. Some showcase meals then don’t have only for you to get a call from them telling you they don’t have what you ordered!

You can make the difference and cash out big with food delivery business.

Please not that this business is best suited for tech inclined cities like Lagos. Study your city and make sure they’re ready for it before launching your food delivery business.

Guys, that’s all I have for you here. If you don’t find what you’ll like to give a shot from the options above, see the list of profitable small business opportunities you can exploit.


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