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Simple business plan templates – Lean Business Model (+ Word & PDF downloads)

Lean business plan
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Let’s look at the simple business plans that are widely used and very effective in the modern business world. See how to write a one-page business plan using the Lean model. You can also download the business plan samples in Word or PDF documents.

In the past, the common business plans were the traditional model that is very lengthy and time-consuming to write. But in the modern business world today, many entrepreneurs have adopted the smarter and easier simple business plans that are lean and yet very effective.

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A simple business plan sample

Here is a summary of the parts of a simple business plan (derived from the Lean Startup by Eric Ries). You can learn more about lean startup principles.

  • Business Identity: A straight-to-the-point one-sentence summary of your business.
  • Customers’ Problem: Mention the problem of your customers?
  • Your Solution: How are you going to solve the problem using your products and/or services.
  • Target Markets: Who are your customers or potential customers?
  • Competition: Who are your competitors? What alternative solutions are out there do your customers currently buy and use?
  • Sales Channels: How will you sell your products and services to your customers?
  • Marketing Strategies: How do you plan to reach your customers? What are your marketing channels? What’s your pricing or cost structure?
  • Revenue Streams: How are you going to make money?
  • Expenses: What are your major expenses when you’re running your business?
  • Milestones: How did you plan to put your business idea to test and start your business?
  • Team and Partners: If you have or need to hire partners, what are the key roles that you need in your business to be successful?
  • Key Resources: If you need partners (other businesses) to make your business work, who are they and what do you need each of them for?

Download simple business plan templates

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