Top 5 web design companies in Nigeria (2020)

Discover the top web design companies in Nigeria currently, based on their web presence and other factors which I will explain in this post.

Maybe you want a website or a web application, or you just want to know for some other reasons… and your question now is “what are best web design companies in Nigeria?

I have the answers for you…

Criteria for this rating

Before I go ahead to list the top web design/development companies in Nigeria, here are a few things you need to know about this rating.

1. This list is based on how professional these companies appear, their web presence. It is not based on my personal dealings with them.

2. It is important to understand that a company that appears professional and has a good web presence doesn’t automatically mean they are good at what they do.

3. Quality and difficulty of their portfolio (their previous works, whether for clients or the company products); NOTE: Not how many portfolios. Numbers matter very little here.

4. This is a list of the top web design/development companies in Nigeria based on the aforementioned criteria. Hence, I won’t explicitly say they are the “best”.

Finally, understand that when it comes to having a strong web presence, a lot of factors come into play, including how much money the company spend on marketing, how long the website has existed on the web, etc. So, some new companies may be best but they are not popular.

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My Ranking of top web design companies in Nigeria

Based on the points I mentioned above, here are what I think are the top web design companies in Nigeria:

5. WebThinkers

  • Website:
  • Professional website: 6.5/10
  • Search appearance rating: 9.5/10

Popular on Google, many portfolios and all that.

However, WebThinkers doesn’t appear modern enough to me and their company website doesn’t look professional enough.

For example, their favicon has a solid background colour instead of a transparent one which gives favicons a perfect look.

Tip: Use transparent backgrounds for website favicons

Also, they don’t use a pretty URL.

For example, their portfolio page URL is Also, after landing o a 404 page, the URL reads and clicking on the logo on this “404 page” still returns me to

Tip: Modern web development remove .html, .php, etc., for their URLs. For example, a cleaner URL could be

WebThinkers doesn’t automatically take you to https unless you explicitly access the pages via https. For example, when I clicked their link on Google search result I was taken to then non-https version. I had to enter https to check if they use https. (Compare: vs

Tip: https is not a must but is an important security feature for a website. Also, it is a good practice to set your website so that it uses https and not both HTTP and HTTPS.

4. WebPadi

  • Website:
  • Professional website: 8/10
  • Search appearance rating: 8.5/10

WebPadi is popular and appears to be professional, with a few things expected of a professional business missing. For example, it seems they forgot to use favicons for their site.

Tip: Always include a favicon on your clients’ websites even if you think favicons are stupid things. Of course, you didn’t think so, you only forgot!?

3. Hyfig

  • Website Hyfig
  • Professional website: 9/10
  • Search appearance rating: 7.5/10

Hyfig is professional and modern, but they are not the most popular web design company in Naija.

2. GreenMouseTech


These guys also seems to understand what they are doing. They are professional and have good web presence.

Although I don’t understand their choice of URLs. For example, their “Our Work” page, which I think is equivalent to saying “Portfolio” page has the URL instead of something unnecessarily long like or

Definitely, their clients won’t like to have websites with unprofessional elements like illogical, unnecessarily long URLs.

1. CKDigital

  • Website:
  • Professional website: 9/10
  • Search appearance rating: 9.5/10

CKDigital seems to practice what they preach. Their website is solid and professional. In addition, they have maintained a solid web presence for a long time now. Their portfolio further justifies them as a top web development company in Nigeria.

However, this website takes time to load the hero image at the top. Speed is important for SEO.

Final ideas for you

I build professional websites, web and Android apps. I help small businesses build effective web presence, as a freelancer.

So, If you need a professional website for your business or whatever purposes, and you want the best you can get at the best price, simply get in touch with me.

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