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Why programming is NOT for someone like you

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Almost everyone wants to become a programmer and software engineer of some sort these days BUT… it is totally fine if you eventually realize, in this post, that this coding thing isn’t really for you. I mean, there is no shame in it. You don’t have to be a jack of all trades and master of none.

Now to the gist,

Why coding and software development may not be for someone like you

I wrote my first lines of codes in 2012 (or 2011, I think). Without being told, I knew that I’ve fallen in love with programming already. From studying mechanical engineering, I ended up a software developer.

From my experience so far, I want to share with you some things to consider so you decide if software development is something you really want to venture into:

1. You don’t appreciate errors

If you’re learning to code and you don’t spend a bunch of your time every now and then trying to understand and fix errors, then you’re not learning it right.

Actually, if you’re not getting errors it could be that you’re not attempting things on your own or you’re not doing enough practising.

Errors are coming things when learning to code. Errors become your friends and the good news is that some stick around even when you become a pro.

But if you find errors very frustrating to handle and you just want to abandon them, then coding may not be your “calling”.

2. You lack patience

It takes time to get better at coding! Getting to that level where you can build and deploy something awesome takes time. It is not the easiest thing you’ll ever do.

Remember the saying that “if it were easy, everyone would do it“? That holds true for coding and the journey into becoming a proficient software developer.

Even when you’ve become proficient, you still need a lot of patience: there will always be errors to fish out and fix, technical challenges that pop up, a lot of time spent going through the documentation and learning new stuff, etc.

So, if patience and perseverance aren’t what you thrive at, coding is simply not for you. Patience is very key to becoming a successful programmer.

3. Confusions are not your friend

Especially when getting started, you’re going to face a lot of confusion. You’re used to writing in the English language but now you are learning to write languages that are translated to what computers can understand.

Consequently, some things might seem difficult to grasp and if you are not following a good tutor it might get even more challenging.

The good news however is knowing that this is normal for most beginners. Getting confused does not mean you are so dull or unintelligent. It is normal. Many pros out there started the same way.

But, if you can’t exercise the patience to make it through the very confusing starting phase, perhaps you consider another career.

4. You prefer to read and watch

The easiest way to learn to code is to get your hands dirty. Write the codes.

If you like to read some pages of a book or watch some coding tutorials on YouTube and call it a day, you are doing it wrong.

You need to practice for those things you read or watch to stick, and you keep practising to get better and better.

Always open your laptop and code along while reading or watching coding tutorials. Practising, to me, is the most effective way to learn to code.

But if you’re more comfortable with just watching and usually too tired to write the codes, sorry, software development isn’t for you.

What next?

Start learning to code now

If at this point I am not able to convince you that programming is not for you, well, I was wrong about you. My apologies. Now what I suggest is that you start learning programming with ZestMade’s JavaScript tutorials for beginners. The lessons are explained the way a novice can easily understand.

Happy coding!

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