Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is a domain name?

A domain name is the web address of a website. For example, the web domain name of Facebook is facebook.com, that for Twitter is twitter.com, and for ZestMade it is zestmade.com

To own a website, you need to get a domain name first. It is through the domain name that someone can access your site on the web.

But then, a domain name alone is not enough because it not the actual website and it is merely existing as a registered unique name. The next thing you need is where your website will be hosted. See explanation of web hosting below.

How to purchase a domain name

You need to purchase a domain name from domain registrars (companies) that sell domain names. To buy a domain name is easy. It’s just similar to the way you shop online. One of the biggest domain registrars you can buy from is godaddy.com

Note: If you have a project with me and need help purchasing a domain name you can contact me.

What is web hosting?

A web host is where a website is “stored on the Internet”. For example, after a web developer is done building a website, say on his personal computer, he will upload it online to a platform called web host.

Once the website is hosted online, Internet users can now access the site through the domain name associated with it.

In other words, without hosting the website online it cannot go live on the web and no one can access it.