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JavaScript fetch posts with fetch API

JavaScript fetch API: GET data from REST API and display in HTML/CSS

In this JavaScript example, we are going to fetch data from an external REST API using JavaScript fetch(). In addition to fetching posts from a third party API and list the post titles on the HTML page, we’re going to do a little HTML DOM manipulation by creating HTML elements on the fly. Watch the…
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JavaScript codes

JavaScript Data Types with Examples (object, string, null, etc.)

Welcome to another lesson on JavaScript for beginners. Data types is one of the key things anyone learning JavaScript must understand. In this lesson, let us understand these different data types in JavaScript: number string boolean undefined null object We will also explore string and objects a little bit deeper. Watch the lesson: Have any…
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JavaScript Variables, Keywords, Comment & Statement (with examples)

In this JavaScript for beginners series, we learn and understand some of the core concepts in JavaScript which are also found in most other programming languages. This lesson covers JavaScript: Variables Keywords Comments Statement If you are a beginner in JavaScript, this tutorial is a must watch! Happy coding!

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What is JavaScript and what is it used for?

Before diving in to learn JavaScript, it is important that you understand what JavaScript is and what it is used for. This goes beyond just knowing that JavaScript is a programming language. What is JavaScript? In a nutshell, JavaScript is a programming language. It is one of the most popular programming languages out there and…
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