Laravel Observer Design Pattern

Laravel Observer Pattern Implementations (Events, Listeners, Model Observers)

The Laravel Events and Listeners is a simple implementation of the observer design pattern. There is also Model Observer which is a similar implementation but specifically for the Eloquent models. In this lesson, we’ll learn the observer pattern with examples of how it can be implemented in a Laravel project. Observer Pattern Explained The observer…
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Laravel Repository Pattern

Laravel Repository Pattern Implementation Example

Learn how to implement the Repository Design Pattern in your Laravel project. The repository pattern is one of the various software design patterns but it is among the most common ones. One of the common use of this pattern is to separate the logic for interacting with the data source from the parts of the…
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JavaScript codes

JavaScript Data Types with Examples (object, string, null, etc.)

Welcome to another lesson on JavaScript for beginners. Data types is one of the key things anyone learning JavaScript must understand. In this lesson, let us understand these different data types in JavaScript: number string boolean undefined null object We will also explore string and objects a little bit deeper. Watch the lesson: Have any…
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JavaScript Variables, Keywords, Comment & Statement (with examples)

In this JavaScript for beginners series, we learn and understand some of the core concepts in JavaScript which are also found in most other programming languages. This lesson covers JavaScript: Variables Keywords Comments Statement If you are a beginner in JavaScript, this tutorial is a must watch! Happy coding!

programming graphics

What is JavaScript and what is it used for?

Before diving in to learn JavaScript, it is important that you understand what JavaScript is and what it is used for. This goes beyond just knowing that JavaScript is a programming language. What is JavaScript? In a nutshell, JavaScript is a programming language. It is one of the most popular programming languages out there and…
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Anagram Solution in JavaScript

Verify if two words are anagram using JavaScript

Algorithm challenge: find anagram words. Learn how you can write a function/algorithm to find the check if two words are anagrams of each other. What is an anagram? An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase. This is typically done by using all the original…
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Laravel Custom Validation Rule

Laravel validations (+ custom validation rule with parameter) video tutorial

If you want to learn about everything you need to know about validations in Laravel, in just one lesson, this tutorial is for you. This tutorial covers almost all the validations commonly applied when building a web application using Laravel. Validations covered include: custom error messages custom validation rules (with parameters) max/min in rule. That…
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Code editor and terminal

Laravel REST API tutorial for beginners – CRUD example

Hi. So, I made a tutorial on how to create REST APIs in Laravel. This tutorial covers all the common HTTP verbs, namely: POST, GET, PUT/PATCH and DELETE. The tutorial is meant for beginners or for someone who doesn’t know how to create REST APIs with Laravel. So, there is no complex or advanced stuff…
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Laravel exception handler

Laravel – customize 404, validation & other exceptions in one place – return a response of your choice

If you want to customise responses for exceptions in Laravel, such as 404, validation exceptions, etc. in one place, this lesson will show you how to do that. When you might need this Assuming you’re building some rest APIs with Laravel and want to return a JSON structure of your own instead of what Laravel…
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