Code editor and terminal

Laravel REST API tutorial for beginners – CRUD example

Hi. So, I made a tutorial on how to create REST APIs in Laravel. This tutorial covers all the common HTTP verbs, namely: POST, GET, PUT/PATCH and DELETE. The tutorial is meant for beginners or for someone who doesn’t know how to create REST APIs with Laravel. So, there is no complex or advanced stuff…
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Laravel exception handler

Laravel – customize 404, validation & other exceptions in one place – return a response of your choice

If you want to customise responses for exceptions in Laravel, such as 404, validation exceptions, etc. in one place, this lesson will show you how to do that. When you might need this Assuming you’re building some rest APIs with Laravel and want to return a JSON structure of your own instead of what Laravel…
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React Context with React Navigation

How to Pass Props to Screens via Context Provider in React Navigation 5

There are different ways you might pass additional props (data) down to multiple screens in React navigation, but the recommended way is to use React Context and wrap the navigator with a context provider, passing the props data to the screens. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to pass props to screens using React Context…
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